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Friday, November 04, 2011

Fall Adventures, part 2, or To SAFF and back and on to Wisconsin

The colors of Fall surprised me since I thought I was traveling too late in the year. As we drove north to Asheville the colors grew more and more varied. We stopped at a scenic spot for gas and to inspect some chain saw art. I declined to photograph them as some of them were politically incorrect. The hit of the BBQ plate were the purple hulled field peas mixed with the coleslaw. Yum! I was introduced to Cheerwine, which I shared with a thirsty wasp.

SAFF was a blast! ...the weather was perfect...parking was easy and there were plenty of vendors to satisfy my fiber-lust. And the animals were so cute!

My traveling companions are a great bunch of women! Blogless Brenda drove us to the fair and got us great accommodations. Jesse knows Asheville and knows her beer! We visited two microbreweries, The French Broad and Jack of the Wood. We had the best barbecue at Mo's.
This was a meal I shall dream about!

It ended all to soon. We took a beautiful side trip down a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway on our way back to Atlanta.

We went to the Atlanta History Museum to learn some history. History and me did not get on well back in the school days, so I'm trying to catch up.
(Artillary shells)
I thought more people died in the Vietnam war, but apparently there is no war America has fought in since in which more soldiers have lost their lives...very sobering facts.

Kim was such a great hostess. She fed me well---ginger cocktail, Korean stone bowl bibinbap, pho, grilled vegies and even some Chinese immune boosters to prevent colds. She showed me where the dog treats were and Cricket and Ella knew I knew where they were, lol.

She even let me knit her minty Malabrigo (Star crossed beanie) when my sock got too boring. Now that's friendship!

Too soon I was on a plane to Wisconsin.


kbrow said...

Still loving my minty malabrigo hat! Looking forward to your Wisconsin posts.

The dogs are very bored without you.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the reminder. I need to knit the Malabrigo I bought at SAFF last year. I still haven't seen the animals any of the times I've gone there and I must check out at least one of these restaurants the next time I up there.

Zonda said...

From Hawaii to SAFF, wild! :) Your meal looks delicious! We went to Jack of the Wood my last trip there and it was so good!