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Thursday, November 03, 2011

My Fall Adventure, Part 1

After pondering a bit about how to organize this post I decided to just do it chronologically.
The flight took me through Houston, over Texas, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi to Atlanta. I was surprised at how large the Houston airport was and really enjoyed the birdseye view of the gulf. The Knitted Brow picked me up in Atlanta across from this mural with Mr. Cricket in tow.

I was very excited to see the wonderful oak trees around the Atomic Lodge and the fantastic number of huge acorns all around.

Out back was a bit of heaven!

Ella, number 1 poodle has very sad eyes but gets the bed at night. Mr. Cricket on the other hand has to jump in bed in am where he is a bit of bed hog and likes to sleep in.

I was told he tried very hard in the morning to break down the door to my room, but being dead to world I was oblivious.

In no time we were off to SAFF with our Hanami's.

1 comment:

kbrow said...

LOVE your pix!! You have shown that camera who's boss! We all miss you...