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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Food and Fiascos

From Urban Dictionary:

Bubble brain:  A person with a brain as empty as a bubble. Both girls and guys can be bubble brains, but it often refers to a girl. A bubble brain may not remember what you say minutes after you have spoken. If she is thinking at all she is thinking about herself
Senior moment:  A lapse of memory, logic or mental function which is atypical or unusual. The individual suffering the event, may not necessarily be advanced in age, although senior citizens are more likely to experience an occurrence.

Sheila at Journey Wheel sent me an email declaring herself a bubble brain and Blogless Sandy and I can really relate.  Now at our age, though, I believe this is actually called a senior moment.  I kind of like bubble brain better as it connotes youth and this aging thing is for the birds.  

1.  Concentrating on patterns and following instructions.  Case in point.
Crochet African Flower Hexagon.  Ravelry has a couple tutorials, Heidi Bears and Barbara Langer. (one makes a hexagon and the other makes a square.  Craft passion has a cute little purse made out of them here.  Making these motifs is quite fun and addicting and making use of my Plymouth Jeannee stash.  

Hello!  I made row 4 a different color when is should be the same as row 3.  Now what.  Do I continue along or change make them "correctly".

2.  Calendar fiascos:  not checking the calendar, not putting events on the calendar, not getting the date or day of the week correctly.  Concentrating really hard helps these things...well usually it does.  I missed my first quilting meeting yesterday :(

Well enough about that.  

I'm very sad to say my lichen dyeing experiment was a flop.  I ended up with smelly yarn the color of a dirty sheep.  If I can get the smell out, I'll over-dye with some other type of dye. 

I did learn some things with my acid dye attempt.  

I started with some Rambouillet Natural Roving from Certified Cute Etsy Store. I used acid dyes Oxblood, purple and alpine blue that Blogless Melody had left me from her silk scarf dyeing class.  I picked colors I liked and and envisioned them blending together.  Didn't happen.  Next time, I will dilute the colors more.  Also, just because I like certain colors, doesn't mean they will make a yarn I can knit something wearable with.  Perhaps I can make socks with this yarn.  Or perhaps I can over-dye it a bit.  Dunno yet.  I'm just happy the fiber did not felt in the process and it was a joy to spin. 

Sistah Rita was in town and we had yummy ramen at Lucky Belly, the new trendy ramen place in Chnatown. The menu is small.  We had a lovely beet salad.  Instead of just piling the beets on the micro greens with the goat cheese, they layered the beets with the goat cheese and cut the layers into rectangles and sprinkled candied pumpkin and sesame seeds on top.  These were the bomb!  The staff was very friendly and attentive, too.  The ramen is quite nicely presented and very tasty.  No mabo tofu ramen on the menu for the Landcaster, though.

We stopped at Daijingo Shrine, left a donation,  and picked up a traffic omamori.  
Her son rolled his car and walked out with just a some stitches on his head.  He had one of these in his car.  With the traffic what it is here in Honolulu, only no. 2 behind LA, it can't hurt.  Every little bit helps a bubble brain.

Blogless DiveDoctor had a birthday, so we took her to 3660 On the Rise.   The meal servings are huge, and we just had enough room to taste desert.  I hate when that happens. 


kbrow said...

Oh wow, even your fiascos are lovely! I am sitting here on a rainy night with the dogs, thinking about tackling some more of the Big Island alpaca...

Sad to hear about the lichen experiment. I have about a pound of lichen, and am not even sure what to do to get goldenrod experiment yielded the palest ever greenish yellow that stunk, as well.

Moon said...

I love love love the crocheted flowers....your post has me missing Oahu very much. Its only in hindsight that I more often then not appreciate what I should have appreciated so much more. Hows that for bubble brain sounding? lol I MISS you guys....I miss Aloha Yarn...I miss Hawaii. And oooo man I miss china town yummy food!

Acornbud said...

Kbrow, I hope your lichen experience turns out well. They are fascinating little bits of biology and chemistry! Thanks for the comments, Moon! Look forward to checking in on your blog!