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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Multicolored Yarns

Wiki has these definitions to ponder

Yarn  a wide selection of variegated yarns:
  • Heathered or tweed: yarn with flecks of different coloured fiber
  • Ombre: variegated yarn with light and dark shades of a single hue
  • Multicolored: variegated yarn with two or more distinct hues (a "parrot colourway" might have green, yellow and red)
  • Self-striping: yarn dyed with lengths of color that will automatically create stripes in a knitted or crocheted object
  • Marled: yarn made from strands of different-colored yarn twisted together, sometimes in closely related hues
What is this hand-dyed and hand-spun then?  Multicolored and marled?

I never know what to do with these types of colorways. I thought these would be socks, but it's rather thick for socks. I was thinking something along the Jaywalker pattern stitch to break up the colors. I settled on this hat, and I'm quite pleased with the way the colors added more texture to this mock cable pattern.
Pattern: Tapestry Hat, by The Knit Nook Free:)!! Needles: Size 6 Yarn: 100% Rambouillett, 3ply, hand spun on my Majacraft Rose, and hand dyed with acid dyes, alpine blue, purple and oxblood) I purchased the wool from Certified Cute. Mods: none. This beanie just covers the tops of my ears. I'm sure I did not get gauge (if I'd bothered to check on it) and if I had to do it over I would add another pattern repeat or two. The pattern is quite airy and very stretchy. 

I'm looking for a nice pattern make with my Twisters.

After watching one last Asian flick, the classic Sword of Doom, I watched a cute Walt Disney movie with Jennifer Garner, and Joel Edgerton called The Odd Life of Timothy Green.   Somehow this movie made me think of the movie Little Otik, but with a Walt Disney happy ending and no one getting eaten. Perhaps I'll go see World War Z next week.  I'm not sure about a happy ending, but in two words...Brad Pitt!

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