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Friday, August 16, 2013

A quick little project

I can't remember if I saw this idea surfing the Web, or if I just adapted the idea of using a turkey lacer from the Mary's Stiletto's Tutorial.  I also tried a little piece of wire I had left over from a project.  I still have not figured out the perfect glue to hold the beads up.  I generally avoid glue as it just doesn't seem very permanent.
I tried Cheerwine while visitng theknittedbrow.  It is a very sweet, cherry flavored soda and I liked it quite a bit.  It is not found in Hawaii, and the company is not able to ship any to me:(.  However I did find the bottle cap bead for it a one the local bead shows.
These were fun and fast to make!  Of course never mind that my spinning wheel has a delta flyer and no hook is needed, lol.  In the rare instance that I may put on my fine flyer, I am ready with not just one, but two hooks!
The alarm system is upgraded and now wireless.  I'm sure the thrill of all the text and email messages it will be sending me will wear off quickly.
I started my acupuncture and the plan is for 4 total sessions in the next 3 weeks.  And to jump start the process I have to take 8 odd looking "pills" twice a day.  They are herbal "Chinese" medicine.  The way I look at it, I have nothing to loose.
I cast on for some socks.  Darn it, if there is something on the needles, I may just knit!  The 19-inch TV is funny to watch.  Subtitles have gotten hard to read. So far I'm holding off on the replace big screen. 

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kbrow said...

The Cheer Wine drive is one of my fondest fun memories. I think you'll have to come back around here to get some...

The Louet's huge orifice (doesn't that sound vulgar?) eliminates the need for a hook, as well. Trying to keep my spinning mojo going with this slightly felted gradient project. Really annoying, but I'm determined to see it through.

Rainy and cool today. Wearing Aidez and grateful for it.