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Sunday, August 11, 2013


The TV died so I cancelled my premium channels.  I still had some Dexter episodes to go, but since Oceanic cancelled Showtime, no Dexter and even worse, no Homeland, which starts September 29.  Also, no True Blood or Ray Donavan.  Oh well, I shall survive!

There is still no knitting mojo, but I've managed a couple silver bangles and spun the rest of my Shetland into puffs. I made the puffs closer together and they are a little more consistent.  I love the way the hand dyed yarn made such cool, shaded puffs!  Maybe next year I can try a real beehive, although they sound fiddly.

My house was burglarized.  Thank goodness no one was home and our alarm system worked. Still replacing the damage is a pain, not to mention an expense.  I had thought about upgrading my alarm system so now I have incentive. There really is no way to prevent someone from breaking in if they really want to, but any deterrent gives me a little peace of mind.  It's really a sad commentary about how things have changed around here.  There are so many more people making their living by sponging off of others, or supporting their drug habit. 

There are many reasons to get a watch dog.  I took the "Am I ready for a dog?"quiz.  At the end, it suggested I get a goldfish.  At least it didn't suggest a plant.  I fell down on the whole commitment issue.  Will you be around, will you walk me, will you mind me drooling or getting hair all over your knitting.  Can you stand having some possessions destroyed.  And the Landcaster doesn't want a dog. 

I'm starting some acupuncture next week get the old yin-yang balanced. Too much yin or not enough yang.

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