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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Ravellenic 2014 Team Aloha

 I didn't make the deadline, but at least I finished:)
Pattern:  Aidez
Yarn:  Cascade 128 Superwash, about 8 skeins.
Needles:  10.5

Mods:  I wanted to make this as seamlessly as possible.   I knit the sleeves first and found I had stitch gauge but not row gauge.  I also read that the sleeves run small.  konasf and SageYarn had some helpful notes.  I knit the largest size sleeves. I had a couple of glitches in the crossed cables in the back which mostly block out.  The sweater really grew in length with blocking and is a bit too long.  It is certainly cushy and snugly to wear.

I don't this was the best project for this yarn with the needle size I chose.  It's a bit fuzzy on the cable stitch definition and stretched too much with blocking.  A tighter gauge may have helped.  I did learn that I will have to be more careful next time when joining the sleeves as I ended up with some very loose stitches...okay they are holes:( at the joins.  I've tried other raglan styles before and have come to the conclusion it is not the best arm style for me. 

I do love knitting cables!  Perhaps it's time to think about St. Brigid again.  It has been in my queue forever!

Now with Downton Abbey over for the season, there is a void and I'm sad to say I will frog my Downton Abbey Mystery KAL shawl.  After hibernating it and seeing the finished shawls, I decided the project is not for me. I'm so looking forward to Game of Thrones!

Perhaps I can practice on my new toy.  It spins very well. 
Tasmanian Devil - support spindle in Rose Sheoak and Dymondwood by Malcom Fielding.  I'm hoping for a Moosie in the next herd from Jonathan Bosworth.  A girl can dream. 

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Jennifer said...

Ooh - you get GOLD in my book. That is a great project. What a lovely sweater.