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Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Tis the Season of the Gnome

I love Alan Dart's pattern Yuletide Gnomes (Jultomtar & Teeny Tomte).

The Teeny one and the Small Jultomtar are my favorite.  I love the way the Noro Kureyon works up for the body.

This one is named Blue Leg, since the Noro color changes are always a surprise and one leg is very blue!  His hat came out very blue too, but has a light purple brim.   I experimented with some other eyelash yarn for beards but in the end the Sirdar Foxy won out.  It is a much thicker eyelash yarn and has some great shading for a beard.  Too bad it is discontinued.    I used Beaverslide for his boots and gloves.  I knit all the pieces in the round.  For this one I forgot to add the beads to weight his okoloe, but he sits okay.  I stuffed the gloves and boots with black roving and used fiberfill for the rest.  There is a pipe cleaner in his hat.

This year made me think about the differences between gnomes and elves.  From what I read, elves have pointed ears and gnomes do not.  Also elves live above ground and gnomes below.  One source said gnomes should always have red hats.  

In a fit of cast-on-itis, I started 3 blankets.   10 stitch blanket in Noro scraps, Round 10 stitch blanket in sock scraps, and  Grannies and Ripples by Stephanie Blaisure in Valley Yarns Goshen.  I ordered more Goshen From Webs and the next day it was the FB special!  Webs was nice enough to apply the code after the fact for me.  That's why I love WEBS! I encourage everyone to shop there.  Haha, like anyone really needs encouragement.   The round blanket may not happen as I'm discouraged by how slow it grows using sock yarn. 

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