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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Summer Trip 2014 Wisconsin

I'm a lucky girl to have some great sisters.  Number 2 picked me up in Schaumberg and put me up for a whole week in Madison, Wisconsin.  I really enjoyed her forest, gathering pine cones, watching the birds at the feeders.  I even observed the turkey family that has moved into the neighborhood.

It is a beautiful neighborhood to walk around.  Another great place to walk is the Pheasant Branch Nature Reserve.  The paths are well maintained and the walk easy.


We visited the Olbrich Gardens.  Lots of flowers including giant hibiscus and Thai Garden.  I missed the butterfly release but saw some in the garden. 

My sister is a great cook.  A new recipe was chicken with a plum sauce Yummy!  The Illinois peaches were on and awesome.  She baked a cherry pie from cherries her friend grew.  My favorite.  Pie cherries are hard to come by in Hawaii.  In addition we filled up on the Asian foods, Korean at New Seoul Korean  ...soon to be more new as it is moving to a new location.  Also very yummy Laotion food at Lao Laan-Xang Restaurant, Pho at  Saigon-Noodles and Chinese (Wah Kee Wonton Noodle).  For their anniversary, we ate at Lombardino's.  Very nice and totally yummy!

Update:  How could I forget Sushi Muramoto and Gail Abrosios's chocolates.  I know I was not eating non stop!

We drove to Milwaukee one day, past Miller Stadium (Home of the Brewer's, dontcha know) and saw the Kandinsky exhibit at the Milwaukee Museum of Art.  It was very interesting.  I'm glad we got the audio program to go with it.  I had no idea he started off a lawyer and and impressionist before he got to where he got.  
(Screen cap of google image search "Kandinsky")

We also visited the new improved National Mustard Museum, the Wisconsin History Museum. Badger bookstore and got our shopping fun at JoAnns, Hancock Fabrics, Wisconsin Craft Supply, Farmers Market and several thrift stores.  Whew, now that I'm writing it down, we did a lot of things together.  Aren't sisters grand?

This 1886 book was only two dollars at the Friends of the Library.  I loved the cover and the pictures.  It looks like it was never read.  It was printed in a very tiny font so I can understand why.

My sister and her husband drove me back to O'hare for my last leg of the the trip.  I got one last Garrett's popcorn fix, Chicago Mix, before heading to Denver.

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Kim said...

How cool, I am in Appleton, you were an hour and a half away from me. And I grew up less than an hour from Schaumburg. I still have family that lives right there. Small world :-) I'm glad you have enjoyed your trip!