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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Organizing Tote

I loved the tutorial posted for this bag at

One can never have to many project bags and this one has pockets for knitting needles and the pattern.  I decided to make this from fabric stash.  My modification was to add a second end pocket with slots.  I made the denim one first and used a piece of lightweight denim from who knows where that was just lounging on the sewing table.  The contrast was from my aunt  who is destashing her "good" stuff.  The straps and binding I made long ago so I tried to use it up.

You know that feeling you get that you are forgetting something.  Well when I got to the lining, haha, I had stitched the bag together without it's interfacing and though the little voice in my head kept saying you can't put it on the lining, I didn't let that stop me.  So the bag is usable, but the lining does not fit too well.

For the second attempt, I used some naturally dyed cotton from a class I took.  I also had some indigo shibori scraps.  This time I tried fleece.  It made the bag too floppy.  The lining was a cool piece of fabric of unknown fiber content.  It was ravelly and unforgiving.  So number 2 has baggy lining and is a bit floppy, but oh well, still usable.

I don't know if I'll make another, although I think a longer one would make a splendid spindle bag.

I'm already dreading the end of Downton Abbey even though I suspect it will have a happy ending.

My senior fit class is going well.  No personal injuries.  The next step in this race to Medicare age is to sign up for my senior bus pass, although most family and friends can't see me riding the bus.  I'm waiting for the Silver and Fit info so I can join the YMCA.

I'm finishing up the Winter Mystery KAL by Susanna IC of Annis fame.  It will be the last in my shawl series, I think.  Then it's on to cork people/shrooms, since I've acquired a stash of champagne corks.  Also spinning up my Ireland Cheviot.  Plan a 3-pl worsted with some Totoro in mind.

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sandy said...

Love the cork people and mushrooms!