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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Retail Possibilities

Gift cards for THE birthday. Yes, I'm a card-carrying member of the senior club.

The family has given me gift cards and I can't decide how to spend them.

1.  Bigger wool cards.  I have the smaller ones, so perhaps bigger ones will make life go faster.  Or am I just going to get my fiber already prepped and dyed like I told myself before.  Wool cards can be used for blending as well.  I have excellent cotton combs already.  And if I get cards, curved or not?
2.  Blending board.  This was not on my radar before.  It looks like a good alternative to the spendy drum carder for smaller projects.  Most of my projects are pretty small.  But will I actually make art batts.  That would necessitate increasing the variety of my fiber stash.
3.  Drum carder.  Spend-y.  Will I actually card $600+ worth of wool in the future?
4.  Wool Combs.  These look like weapons of mass destruction.  Based on my current level of klutz-i-ness, I could do myself or a loved one bodily harm.  However, watching the videos I can definitely think of times combs would have come in handy.  But, will I every process raw wool since I was leaning toward buying only processed/dyed fiber?  I used pet brushes to flick my locks before, but that really doesn't separate out the shorter fibers and neps/noils very well.

Speaking of cards, I took The day to seek out my bus card and my senior club card from Zippy's.  I found out I just have to flash my medicare card to ride TheBus one way for a dollar.  No need to buy a senior ID card.  I feel like the Zippy's card should be free and not $20/year.  But after doing the math I suspect it will be worth it.  My son dearly loves their chili.

I'm leaning toward the wool combs.  I'm trying not to make a snap decision.

I finished spinning my Irish Cheviot and knit a Totoro.  I can't decide on his face.  This is my first attempt.  Alas, the black for his nose and mouth do not show up well on the dark blue.  The Cheviot was a bit rough but had a wonderful sheep-y smell.  It was very easy to spin and would make a wonderful beginning fiber for a neophyte. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  The "real shamrock" plant from the blogless Karen O are all four leafs.  I will have to ask her what it is. ('ihi'ihi lauakea)

Update:  The blending board is on order!

I changed Totoro's eyes and nose.  No mouth so far.

I used my Sizzix to cut out eyes and glued (gasp) the pupils on.  I also embroidered some whiskers on.


kbrow said...

I think I fixed the comments on my not-so-active new blog.

Happy Birthday Shopping! The most agonizingly wonderful decisions...

I have a friend with a blending board and she makes the most beautiful rolags! I think you'd have fun with it. My instinct tells me that curved cards may be the way to go, but I have no real information to back that up.

I am trying to spin my giant backlog of fiber, and am chipping away at our little pile of grey-green batts, from the sweatshop, last September. Then comes a giant hoard of shetland...

sandy said...

I'll vote for the blending can make huge punis besides blending fiber.
Just think of the blending board as being a huge carder.