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Friday, September 02, 2016

Cotton Notes, Skully Hats, and Perfection

Notes to self on cotton in Texas, shamelessly slurped from the Web.  The ideal time for planting is May 15 to June 20.  Harvest lasts from early July through November, producing more then 5,800 thousand bales in 2015 making Texas by far the largest cotton producing state in the US.  The US is the 3rd largest cotton producing country in the world, after China and India.

According to Google,
Ideal conditions for the cotton plant are:
  • Long vegetation periods (175 to 225 days) without frost.
  • Constant temperatures between 18 and 30°.
  • Ample sunshine and fairly dry conditions.
  • A minimum of 500 mm  (19 inches for the metrically challenged) of water between germination and boll formation.
  • Deep, well-drained soils with a good nutrient content.
So my poor cotton plant suffers from too much water and poor soil.  Even then, I can't keep up with my spinning, lol.  And there is a backlog of purchased cotton sliver.  It does make for a cool arrangement and the flowers are pretty on the bush.  The are yellow one day, orange one day and then the cotton begins!

 On the knitting scene, there be hats.

Skully hat one
Pattern:  Skull Beanie by PolarKnit from PolarKnit
Yarn:  Vanna's Choice (yes, acrylic, eek)
Comments:  The pattern does not seem to be available anymore, but the chart was easy to ascertain.  CO 100 stitches, 1x1 rib for 5 inches, increase to 108.  12 pattern repeats.  St. stitch to total of 8.5 inches.  Divided into 6 pies.  Decrease one every other row until halved then every row until 12 stitches remain, Finish off.

Skully hat two
Pattern:  The Heartskull Hat by Siouxsie Stitches
Yarn:  Cascade Luna black and burnt orange, White Jeanee.
Comments:  I love how the heart motif's came out.  This pattern is not available now.  Luckily I queued it long ago.  I ran out of black at the very top, so made it white.  My first burnt orange pompom was pretty sad, so I used what little leftover I had to make a two toned one.  The Luna is so soft.  I love this yarn.  Sadly it has been discontinued, but there are still skeins to be had here and there.

On the personal scene, I had a stupid accident in my Senior Fit class so I had to take leave.  I scrunched my neck and have an MRI scheduled.  I think it's okay, though, and am working with my masseur with the magic hands and some pharmaceuticals.  It has interfered with my crafting.  This getting old is for the birds.

On a sad note, we have to say goodbye to The Ko'olau Santa Lady, Ione Adams.    She was in a fatal auto accident, not even one year after losing her husband to the big C.  Her beauty, talent and creativity will be missed.

This is blogless Melody's santa, created by Ione Adams.

Here is a video I found on Faceback.  It speaks to perfection issues and finishing issues I have in my life.  



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