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Monday, September 19, 2016

Noro Redux and Other Stuff

I finally frogged Baby Eleanor and cockroach-ed 8 skeins or so of Noro Silk Garden that were Klaralund before.  I lost some because of the fringe.  I really enjoyed knitting Eleanor, but I never wore it and none of the family in the frigid north seemed interested in it.

The yarn is joining some other odds and ends and becoming 10 stitch Blanket.  It's up to 27 inches or so now.

This is going to be very hot.  In the last day the temp has dropped a little to the mid 70's.  ( Is it time to put the blanket out for the bed?)  For while I had to turn on the AC to work on this, lol.  I know I'm a wimp.

I worked on a few sewing projects.  I got a quarter inch foot for my Featherweight and a stitch in the ditch foot for my Janome, and I got to try them out.  I also fiddled with stitch 11 on the Janome, trying to replicate the serpentine stitch I miss so much on my Bernina.

Blogless JoAnn is sewing little dresses for her church, so I helped with the bodices while she was off to the Holy Land. I found this nifty method for doing them, the burrito method.  It beats trying to get the shoulder seams to match up .

I made a couple of busy bags for upcoming birthdays.  Reversible Bag is a fast easy project!
I had so much fabric and decided to do pencil bags as well.  No pattern, just an elongated pyramid bag. 
They came out stinkin' cute if I have to say so myself.

I crocheted another hanging bag using up some handspun. I wish the beehives stuck out a bit more.
(Skip to the bottom to avoid the whines)
1.  The Iphone update did not go well.  It drained all my battery power and made the phone run hot.  After the exploding Galaxies, I was a alarmed.  I fiddled with it and improved those two problems but my laptop does not like it one bit.  They aren't talking, so I have email my pictures to myself to get them on the laptop.  It does talk to ITunes.  Go figure.  ITunes, however, claims I do not have enough memory to back up the iphone even though I took off all music, pictures and most of my apps.  Oh well.  I don't know if I still need to see the Genius Bar on Thursday.
 2.  The final word on my neck is that it is "broken".  Well that sounds harsh.  I like to think of the injury as severe bone bruising.  The compressions are stable and that all that matters.  Rest and time.  The associated ligamentous injuries are what hurt and will take time to heal.  I must say.  I'm not sad that I am not to continue my Senior Fit Class for now.  I struggle so with exericise, sigh.  Michelle's magic massage hands have helped a great deal.  I'm going to see if I can wean myself off the massages and NSAID.  I so hate to take meds, but they really do help.  The doc is giving me a month and will be thrilled to inject my facet joints if I still have a lot of pain.  That is incentive enough to heal myself!!

The Landcaster whipped out his camera and photographed Totoro in the wild.  You know it's a wet summer when fungi pops up everywhere.

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