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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More WIP

Fat Bottom Bag using stash Cotton. The band is white white and the bag, off-white. Not sure if I'll leave it as is or overdye the whole thing. Most likely it will remain as is and I'll sew in the handles.
Wyvern in STR medium weight lemongrass, magic-loop two at once toe up. This project has varied from 5 needles, two circulars and one circular. I'm thinking I should move up to a slight larger needle then the ones as this is turning out to be a very warm, thick sock.

For some reason I have been obsessing on making a Rosary, and lo and behold a woman I know wants one. I was going to do moss agates but didn't have enough beads so settled for aventurine and chrysopase. Turns out green is her favorite color. I have to find a center medallion but hooked it together with a wire heart for now. Hope I have all the parts right.


mk said...

Wow! That was quick! I love the colors you chose for the bag.

debbie said...

i love the fat bottom bag - you picked nice colors, it looks vintage. also, the socks - does the pattern take up a lot of yarn? i have str lemongrass too and was thinking of doing it in the embossed leaves sock pattern. that's a lot of wire loops for the rosary - lucky friend!

Toni said...

What a beautiful rosary. You must have a lot of patience to make the loops.

aija said...

I love the colors of the bag! And those toe tips :)

LisaB said...

Ooh the colors of those socks are great! I wish I could get on that sock bandwagon. I need to practice a little more!

mysticalfeet said...

gorgeous rosary! That STR lemongrass is knitting up nicely. You are kind of on a little green roll, right now!
See ya tonight!