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Saturday, July 22, 2006

One FO, One WIP

Cameron's Hat
Pattern by Sarah Peasley.
After finding two knots in the first 2 inches of knitting, there were no more knots. I knit the band up instead of sewing it up at the end, left off the i-cord top knot, and it seemed to work out just fine. Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big on size 6 needles worked out perfect for the hat. It is very cushy, and superwash. I used about 1.25 balls of black and a fractions of the rust. I haven't washed it yet.

Klaralund in Noro Silk Garden color 244 progress-two backs done and 13 inches of sleeves (on the left). As always, the color changes are surprises! I'm not sure how long to make the sleeves.

Rogue is in a holding patten. Just too hot here to get inspired.
I'm still trying to figure out what pattern to use for my medium weight STR Lemongrass.

At the Aloha Knitter's the other night Sarah was crocheting a purse and also had another one she was using that was too cute. I don't know if she has picture of her's up anywhere, but I found this one: Fat-Bottom Bag from Debbie Stoller's Happy Hooker. Makes me want to whip out a crochet hook!


debbie said...

love the colors of your klaralund -very cool and natural looking...cameron's cap is nice too! and i know what you mean about it being too hot - i just want to keep drinking water and veg out....

mysticalfeet said...

Klara looks great! I love those colors, especially the tan/golds and maroons. I am thinking of making a small felted bag, Sophie, maybe?

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Your work always looks so good, that I sometimes think a machine did it! You really are THAT precise.

Dipsy said...

Oh, I totally love the hat you did, it looks fantastic! I have the same Lana Grossa yarn here for a winter's knit project, and it seems it's heaven to knit with - looking forward to try it out!
Klara looks so great already, the striping is amazing and I really, really love these colors!

Lolly said...

I just LOVE Klaralund! Your colorway is quite lovely ;) That sweater was such a fun knit... I want to make another one!

Jen said...

very nice work on the cap. I was so pissed for you after your last post about the knots, but I'm glad you didn't encounter any more.

I agree with you on the crochet thing... there's a pattern from last fall's interweave crochet that I want to make... it's for a HUGE tote bag that I want to make for my knitting bag, and well, if I actually knit it, it would take for freaking ever! Of course, the only problem is that I'd need to buy more tweed for the pattern... I just love tweed!