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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Pink in Wildefoote Elderberry

Pink in Wildefoote Elderberry
Originally uploaded by acornbud.
All very nice you say, but what about the knitting? The Knitting Tree is under new ownership. There was no wall of Koigu and no Trekking, but they had a pile of Malabrigo that I lusted after. In the end again, I could not decide on a colorway, but I did take away some lovely Koigu. Since I know everyone is here for the yarn porn and not the travelogue, here they are, along with the Koigu from Weaving Works in Seattle, on the second leg of my trip.

I have to confess, I only finished one project on the road, Pink in Wildefoote, Elderberry. I wore these before washing and blocking as it was chilly for this Hawaiian up north.

Yikes I messed around with flicker and now all the comments are gone! Waaah.


Toni said...

This is too funny--I was just going to say I've not seen that blue shade of Koigu and then you go and tell me you bought it at Weaving Works which is on my way to work!

The socks are very pretty!

Ragan said...

Lovely yarn!!!!

kimberly said...

pretty yarn but I want to more than yarn porn-that travelogue sounds good! :)

Beverly said...

The socks are pretty. I checked the pattern out and it is lovely. I don't speak a word of German but it is definitely worth translating.