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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wisconsin, here I come!

As I get ready for this trip, the things on my mind are, what knitting to take, what size needles, and what patterns.
Do I take minimal stuff and just buy as I go? Shall I take Rogue, bulky project that it is? How many fingerless gloves do I really need to knit? They just seem the perfect size project for the road.
I wound the STR into a ball, so that is definitely going and I have the Pink restarted on size 1s to go. I have a few patterns in a folder ready to travel with me. And what about Omiyage ? sister said not to bring her anything, but if I don't will I be riddled with guilt? (she already has fingerless gloves;)

My other thoughts involve my gadgets. The trusy Neuros mp3 player is charged. Do I need the Ipod Shuffle, too? My spanking new Palm TX has two movies and it's one month of free T-mobile wi-fi. My camera battery is charged, but do I need the charger? And my phone, too.Then of course there is the electric toothbrush. Do I take it or not. Do I hand carry all my chargers or pack them in the bag? Decisions, decisions.

I never left this rock until I went off to college. My parents did not take me off to school to get me started. Just my mom and friends saw me off to Iowa at the airport. My big sister and her husband were in school in Iowa, and drove me down to Kansas and got me settled. Getting prepared to travel didn't seem like such a big thing back then. Oh for those carefree days of youth!

Shetland Triangle, my first completed knit lace shawl, modelled here by yellow Teletubbie. Not the best photo, but finding the right light to show off the pattern in this dark yarn was a real challenge and blogger flipped it sideways again. I tried the photo in the mirror trick as my photographer was "too busy".(Bah) but that didn't work out. I made it too small. I expected it to stretch a lot more, but it was an encouraging project in the end, and who knows what lovely lace weight I will find on the road? And, of course there is the lovely Jaggerspun Zephyr calling me from The in many lucious colors.

The coffee beans across the road are turning red.

The cloudy days continue to produce spectacular sunsets and as the sun sinks slowly in the West, (tee hee), I mean as the sun sinks slowing in the West!!!
the Acornbud is leaving the desktop. Happy knitting to all you wonderful bloggers and commenters! See you in a couple of weeks.


Moon said...

HAVE A WONDERFUL TRIP And...I hope you get to see some big wonderful thunderstorms...Im soooooo jealous!
On the plane I like to knit a sock project ....and take everything cuz the one thing you dont bring is the one thing you WILL need!
xoxo Moon

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

The shawl is BEEa-U-tiful! Make sure you stay warm. Wisconsin starts getting chilly at this time of year. Be sure to have fun and come back SAFE!

debbie said...

have a great trip - i'm so excited for you. i like sock knitting when out-of-town, but then i'm partial to socks anyway...take care and i can't wait to hear from you when you come back home!

mysticalfeet said...

Have a great trip!!! Enjoy the beginnings of autumn on the mainland. You sound like you're ready to take on the Midwest. Chris and I will hold the fort down here in Nuuanu without you, and will look forward to your tales of spinning upon your return.

The shawl is nice. Will you wear it on the plane? It looks like it would be cozy to curl up with on that overnight flight. Whatever will the Totoros do without you? Maybe you're taking a wee one along...

Jennifer said...

Have a lovely trip! Your shawl is gorgeous.

myra said...

Gorgeous shawl!!!!

Have a safe and relaxing trip!

KnitPastis said...

Have a wonderful trip and your first lacy pattern shawl turned out awesome girl!

vanessa said...

have a safe trip! your shawl is lovely!

kimberly said...

Have a great trip!! That shawl is beautiful!!