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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ramblings of Analysis Paralysis

There has been a dearth of knitting and crafting of any sort at my place. Blue Skye bear has been frogged, Noro wristlets have been frogged, and Rogue lays neglected and and sleeveless in his little basket.

My sister flew in today and as my folks are remodeling, she asked to stay with me. Yikes! Cleaning frenzy! I let go of the Nintendo Power magazines, cleaned out the remnants of son number 1 and put on the topper for the hard as a rock bed. I am washing the Legos which have collected dust. I must have a billion or two. I have a whole drawer full to go. Luckily they have a new home.

I'm beginning to eye my bag ladies and wondering if it's time for them to retire from the bag business.

I discovered today that I have been forgetting to pluck my eyebrows. Yish, whoever invented that bit of torture!

I was trying to dazzle blogdom with a sunset in paradise, but by the time I found the camera, the sun was down.

What does it all mean? I can ponder and introspect, or I can just go to bed.

At least I knocked a few thing off the to do list. I filled out the insurance form, bought stamps, called the plumber, and "organized".

And my sister came in and brought be a Bullet ! Can whipped cream, salsa and margaritas be far behind?


KnitPastis said...

Don't worry, I forget to pluck my eyebrows here lately too.I think I am worring less about that as I am getting older. At least I am forgetting about it more often.LOL The sunset is stunning, love the sky how it looks. I wished I could be so organized:) That would be nice. Have fun with your sister while she's with ya!

Kat with a K said...

Gorgeous picture! I have a whole cabinet full of bags...

Sandee Yo! said...

At least you HAVE! My eyebrows (never lush to begin with) have been thinning out as of late. One false move with the tweezers and it's adios eyebrows, hellooooo drag queen eyebrows (drawn on)!

PS Have fun with your sister!

Toni said...

Argh--cleaning frenzy but I bet you'll have a great visit with your sis. Have fun!

mk said...

Those Bullets are great! I don't have one yet - used my sisters to make pesto and now I want one.

Jen said...

Are the bag ladies stuffed with plastic grocery bags? It takes company for DH and me to actually motivate to pull our place together into some sort of reasonably presentable shape.

mysticalfeet said...

I got very spoiled by having my sis give me free brow waxing, when I lived in VA. Now I'm too cheap to pay for it and too lazy to pluck more than twice a year. Ugh. Unibrow!

Looking forward to your new Bullet-ized concoctions at the next Nuuanu Renegade 'Nittahs Committee meeting!

Dipsy D. said...

What a beautiful sky-picture, these colors are totally inspiring!
Argh, plucking eyebrows, what a horror that is - and added to the pain I will never ever succeed in having them plucked the way I want them too, I'm just too stupid to get it right, I guess ;) Duh!
Have a lot of fun with your sis!

Terby said...

Beautiful sunset. I'm another one behind on the eyebrow tweezing. Maybe a condition common to blogland?

Hope you're having fun with your sister.