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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Norovember, 25 days Until Christmas!

The latest Totoro is posing with my son's flowers. He ruptured his appendix on Saturday and just came home yesterday. People from work sent him this lovely candy bouquet. I being the mom worried and lost sleep and I'm so grateful he is smiling and joking around again. Totoro is smiling, too...I think he ate all the candy, yummy dark, Nestle's chocolate.

Needless to say, the knitting and blogging took a back seat to the real life drama. I found knitting with Noro in this repeat Diagonal Scarf from Acorn Street pattern, made me happy as the different colors bloomed. These two balls were nothing like each other, and the end result was quite different then the first Diagonal Scarf I made.

I managed a cozy for my humongous mp3 player out of the handspun-hand-dyed mohair from Kai. I started the bottom like a toe up sock and made an attached icord at the top. I tried making a Kumihimo cord but the mohair would not hold up the bobbins and kept breaking, so now I have to decide on a cord. I like the way the oranges turned out.

And here it is, on the verge of December. 25 Days:) Thanks everyone for your well-wishes.


Dipsy D. said...

Oh - I hope your son's feeling much better by now, all the very, very best to him!
Your scarf looks absolutely amazing, Noro's colors are just stunning and they turn out so perfectly in this scarf! And I also love your mp3-player's cozy, it's so cute! Fantastic work, my friend!

Rachel said...

I hope your son gets well soon! It's so hard being a mom and seeing your child sick.

I love the stuff you knitted. Did you like the yarn you used on the scarf? It looks beautiful. Is it soft too? I've debated buying some for myself, but I hate buying new yarn that I've never felt for softness.

beadlizard said...

Too, too scary! May he have a full and rapid recovery. Yikes!

Your cozy is wonderful. Since the attached I-cord worked so well, perhaps you could do a narrow I-cord strap?

The face on that totoro is pure happiness. You have a real talent for making wondrous critters. --Syl

Kat with a K said...

I hope he's feeling all better soon!

Opal said...

I'm glad your son is home and on his way to getting better.

Your scarf is gorgeous. I especially love the statue you modeled it on.

Moon said...

O my! I hope he is as good as new ASAP. My son also had emergency append. surgery a few years ago.
Scary stuff.
They say it happens to boys more often then girls...weird, huh?

KnitPastis said...

Ruptured Appendix, ouch. Poor baby.
Feel better soon to your son!

The scarf is so pretty. I think your totoros are just the cutest:)

debbie said...

sorry to hear your about your son, but happy to hear he's on the road to recovery! totoro is very cute - he doesn't look like wool though, is he cotton? and isn't it sneaky how december just crept up on us?

Terby said...

Goodness. That's much more excitement than you really want as a mom. Great knits again. I love that orange on the mp3 cozy. Hope your son continues to mend quickly, and that things are nice and boring for a while!

myra said...

So sorry about your son, thank goodness he is already on the road to recovery!

Take care!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

OMG! I am hoping the getting better continues upward. Big hugs to you, him, and the Totoros. Your scarf and cozy are gorgeous too!