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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Trying to Buy Inspiration

My new yarn purchases are all in. Lamb's pride for a hat, probably Knitty's Coronet Hat like Rachel is knitting. The Jo Sharp in black is for Cherry
a project instigated by one of my fellow Aloha Knitters. I plan to make it for my hair stylist who is a very tiny woman. Yay! The Rowanspun wool in DK and 4 ply are just some impulse buys that are destined for some unknown Aran sweater. Hope I bought enough. I scored the handspun mohair in the great color from Kai. I don't know what it's going to be. The Mission Falls wool was from Shteeni's Destash. I suspect it will be fingerless mittens or perhaps a Clapotini. I hope some of my jewelry sold at the craft fair my friend took it to. That will help balance all this mad spending!

I have knit very little since casting on Rogue's two sleeves. Work has been no fun at all, I'm coming down with a cold and I'm still trying to put back all the stuff I got out of the craft room for the bathroom fix. At least I got all the Lego's washed. My sister is going back home tonight. Last night we all had great Pho at the Green Papaya at King and Dillingham in Kalihi. Today she made her famous cheeseball and also raspberry margarita's in the Magic Bullet. We also did some shop therapy at the Aloha Stadium Swap meet. I picked up some Hello Kitty cel phone charms I never seem to have enough of, and a couple of crosses to make rosaries with. It was a beautiful day.

There was some action around the yard. Bird of Paradise was blooming. It has stuggled in this location but blooms anyway. I don't know if it's the runoff from above, too wet or the shade. The seed pods fascinated me as a child. They are such an outrageous shape and color...round black seed with bright orange tuft.

Starfruit, or carambola, is such a beautiful fruit. It's just hard to give away. There are a few people who really like it, but mostly I just like the shape when it is cut up. My neighbors tree is loaded right now.

It's time for the purple orchid to go crazy blooming. The longan tree is fruitless again but has become home to lots of moss and staghorn ferns.

And there it goes, another day closer to Thanksgiving!


debbie said...

that's a nice stash of yarn there! your sis was here for a very short visit...your mad rush to prepare in your previous post reminds me of what i go through when the kids bring home a guest....i also love your stuffed bag ladies!

Opal said...

Great stash. The Coronet hat is so pretty. Can't wait to see you work it.

mysticalfeet said...

New yarn is always such a thrill. I think we have a starfruit tree, as well. It has been growing these fruits that I thought were just seed pods but they do have that shape...I'm off to open one up and see if it's the actual carambola fruit. I don't really like to eat them either, but their shape is very cute.

Dipsy D. said...

Awww, it's always such a joy looking at your gorgeous pics - you're a real artist, you know? I totally love the Bird of Paradise - a perfect name for this beauty!
And wow, all the yarn goodies that you got, I love each and every skein! Looking forward to seeing all the projects you're going to make with it! Have fun!

Erica said...

What a lovely stash of yarn! I am sure that you will have no lack of inspiration with that to work with! I love your photo of the Bird of Paradise as well. My mother was able to spend her last two vacations in Hawaii and that particular flower is one of her "top three things I love most about Hawaii". She is trying to convince the entire family to move to HI with her so she wont have to leave her grandchildren :) One of these days I will make it I am sure, especially if I keep seeing pictures like yours! Good luck with the knitting :)