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Sunday, May 13, 2007

If you can't walk and chew gum at the same time do not drink beer and knit!

...or take photos

These photos show what happen when I have a beer and try to take photos after. These are actually the best of them, cropped and edited a bit as well. The others were so out of focus! I got those Asian genes...after a couple of ounces of beer I am quite witty and funny (heh, or so *I* think!) and then if I go on I fall asleep. When I wake up I have an odd feeling in my head. At least I don't break out in hives like two of my sisters.

These 3 fellow Aloha Knitters are my enablers. Blogless Michelle, Kim and Chris. Michelle is modeling my Dolce Skinny Scarf as a belt. She just returned from New Zealand, home of many sheep and hobbits. I admired her new earrings, which are nice coils that just pop into her ears. I love pounding silver wire:) Kim and Chris are studying our collective Eleanors. Kim's is just getting started on top, and mine is greedily covering up most of Michelle's wonderfully grand Lady. Her Noro silk garden has a great red in it and she used bits of the Noro with the angora in it here and there for random squares of fluff. She made tassels instead of the fringe. It is wonderfully warm and luxurious!

On the personal creation scene, I find that between family visiting, Mother's Day, a very challenging stretch at work, my bowl is too full for successful creating. This is where sock knitting is all I can muster. It is finite, small, portable, and most likely going to fit. And it ain't progressing quickly! I reap the benefits of the creativity of others!

For all you mothers out there and all of you celebrating your mothers, have a Happy Mother's Day!


Brenda said...

Another Asian here who can't hold her liquor. I turn read at almost a sip of alcohol, I think that's pretty common too.

Opal said...

Looks like you all had a great time! Hope to see this week.

Dipsy said...

This sounds like such a fun time that you girls had together - and hey, I'm *so* with you on the photography-thing after some beer, I sure know what you're talking about ;)
And yep, I agree with you, sock knitting is the perfect thing to do when one's knitting mojo is taking a break - it's easy, neat, usually not that much of a challenge and great to fill up one's energies and motivation! Yay for sock knitting! ;)

Felicia said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! :)

wbj said...

FANTASTIC title for a blog post!

I'm just learning to spin/knit. I hadn't tried it with beer yet, but I will. I'm too tense when I do either, so maybe a beer or two will help me relax ;)

=joy= said...

what a great time. beer may cause for unfocused pictures, but a great story to tell! ^_^ see you thursday!

Zarzuela said...

LOL! Well you managed a couple of good pics at least. Sounds like fun time. :)


Lolly said...

It thrilled me to see that little glimpse of Chris! :)

Hope you had a happy Mother's Day!