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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Malabrigo Ganomy Hat

I know I'm not the only knitter out there who obsesses on things. This hat pattern from Elizabeth Zimmerman's Almanac appealed to me because it just seemed sensible to have a a hat that covers the ears, yet needs no seaming. I know there are those who would agree with me. Nevermind that I live in Hawaii where cold is 50'sF.

I was not too clear about how to finish the top and because of my yarn I cast on more stitches then the pattern called for. The crazy thing about this pattern is that it is lumpy on top and EZ says to tie a ping pong ball in the front so if it falls in the water it will float. This is very sensible for someone who lives in the most isolated spot in the world, surrounded by water!

The Malabrigo was oh so soft. It grew a little after it's bath. I was surprised at how little color came out in the wash.

My Wisconsin sister, who is modelling the hat, has taken the sensible hat with her back to Wisconsin. The Malabrigo was gifted to my by her, purchased from The Knitting Tree right there in Madison. I think she will be able to use this hat even when it "warms up to 20". She may have to add the ping pong ball if she bikes around Lake Mendota or Monona, or goes ice fishing.

I noticed the flowers on my pineapple yesterday. The top of the plant looks like a flower when it first get started, but it's the "eyes" of the pineapple that produce the true flowers.

"The fruitlets of a pineapple are arranged in two interlocking spirals, eight spirals in one direction, thirteen in the other; each being a Fibonacci number. This is one of many examples of Fibonacci numbers appearing in nature." (Wikipedia) learning for the day!


Beverly said...

Cool hat. Gotta love the circle of knitting. Sister gifts you, you gift sister and so it goes spreading the knitterly love. I'm sure she's going to love it on those cold, cold Wisconsin days.

Thanks for the Hawaiian flora education. I didn't realize that what the eyes did, even after finding those little brown seeds in the pineapple. Duh!

mysticalfeet said...

You are a Malabrigo fiend! That colorway is lovely, and the hat...oh my, a cute little sort of Dutch Girl design, doncha think?

I didn't realize a pineapple had eyes. Does this mean they see me as I bring the knife down to slice it up? Oh dear. Fibonacci patterns are in pine cones, too, y'know. uh...pineapple - pinecone...oh yeah, now I get it.

Do pinecones have eyes?

debbie said...

the ganomy hat is neat and i love the colorway!

Lolly said...

Love the hat! This pattern is so cute and so sensible! and Malabrigo is amazing :)

beadlizard said...

I really like how the Malabrigo worked up in the Ganomy. Excellent choice!

That lumpiness can be solved with slight variations in the decreasing, but I'm more inclined to tie on a pompom and let it distract the eye.

I am completely fascinated by your pineapple. Wow. --Syl

Opal said...

What a cool funky hat! I love the way the Malabrigo worked up.

marti said...

Wow! The hat is fantastic, and I had never seen a pineapple flower before. Very Cool!

Kirsten said...

Your Malagrigo Ganomy looks great! I'm sure it will serve your sister well in the frozen north.

That pineapple is gorgeous. It must be amazing to always be surrounded by so many beautiful tropical plants.

myra said...

Very cool hat! I think it looks like a cute dutch girl hat too!

Felicia said...

LOL love the ping pong ball tip :)

KnitPastis said...

Ahhhh, I am telling you, one of these days I am going to have to try that Malabrigo yarn out:)
I bet your sis gets a lot of use out of that hat where she lives.

woooo, that's so cool you have a pineapple growing!One of my favorite fruits, mango is my all time favorite.

Zarzuela said...

That hat is too cute! Is it ok that I'm jealous that you live in a place where you can grow your own pineapple? ;)


Opal said...

I'm tagging you for the Random Facts Meme!

Dipsy said...

What a totally gorgeous hat this is - especially with this yummy yarn of course! The ear flaps will come in so very handy when cold winds are blowing through Wisconsin in winter - yep, perfect indeed!
And a big thanks for sharing info on the Hawaiian flora - heaven knows I didn't have an idea that pineapples had eyes! OY!