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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Project Spectrum Yellow, Free Red Scarf Pattern, 3x3 slip stitch rib

Project Spectrum
yellow is flying by. The yarn stashed has not been wound into balls and I suspect will not become a project in time. Nature came through with a spectacular array of Gold Trees this year. The trees were covered with the bright yellow blossoms not unlike the cherry blossom trees I saw in Tokyo. Click the link to see a beautiful example. I was never able to capture one to my liking but the second photo in the mosaic shows a closeup of a baby one near my house.

The yellow plumeria that overhangs my driveway is in full bloom. This is a great lei flower. I tried to capture the great hedge of yellow popcorn orchids around the corner on my walk. It's so much better in person. I transplanted mine this year and they have just sat there doing nothing. (I'm just happy they didn't die, a real possibility for any plant in my patio)

My only partially yellow project is Leafling, in Koigu. I have only one sock. It's a little large, and would have been better off CO 60 instead of 66 stitches. I wonder if it will be a single sock?

While pondering what to do with over 1000yards of russet red Anne, having frogged and attempted a spiral shawl numerous times, I read Now Norma Knits post and got inspired by the Red Scarf Project.

I doubled the Anne and used a size 10 needle to knit the Yarn Harlot's One Row Handspun Scarf. The yarn was much or orange-y then the online photo appeared and had very little variation in color. However, doubling the yarn really made the color richer. It was a miracle. Unfortunately on reading the fine print on the project page I found the "no mohair" clause. Schaefer Anne is 25% mohair. It's a nice little scarf and is slightly longer the 60 inches. I used up all but a few inches of one skein. Perhaps someone will buy it and I can donate the money to the red scarf project.

So red scarf number 2 is on it's way. This one is Cascade 220 Superwash in a nice deep red. It's my own version of a one row knit scarf. I have not seen this used as a pattern but my resources are limited. It makes a nice fat 3x3 ribbing that does pull in some like all good ribbing.

*pattern moved to another post


Rachel said...

Ooo, that scarf is lovely!

Opal said...

beautiful scarf!

did you go last night?

Jennifer said...

Wonderful scarves. Thanks for the pattern!

Beverly said...

The yellow tree is spectaculur. I enjoyed all the flowers. They are beautiful.

Mokihana said...

We used to have two plumeria trees outside my folks' bedroom window. How I miss them! Thanks for the great photos!