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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Totoro Makes My Day!

I gave this hand knit, Beaverslide Totoro to a Miyazaki-impaired friend and she send me this picture from her iphone. Those in Hawaii who used to have no problems growing the local chili pepper (used to make Chili Pepper Water) now have limited harvests due to the Red Vented Bulbul. These birds eat only the red ones. They also eat cherry tomatoes which previously seemed to be immune to predators.

Since Totoro has gone on guard, blogless Karen has happily been able to harvest a whole bag full!


Beverly said...

Yay Totoro!!!

k-brow said...

I wonder if the bulbul's red vent is caused by its diet of red chili peppers?

I'd always wondered what kinds of things Totoros did around the house to earn their keep.

Opal said...

fear the totoro you nasty pests! ;-)

MLE said...

Go Totoro =)