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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summertime Summertime

The last couple of weeks has been a time of knitting gatherings where more talk and eating then actual knitting has been going on. Okay, there was some beer and a cosmopolitan involved, also. My alcohol tolerance is very low and it took Chris (past blogger extraordinaire, now in retirement) reminding me that I had $4.50 left in my glass to finish that cosmopolitan. Luckily the homemade potato chips tempered the effects and I was not driving. The Knitted Brow took time out from her packing to be the designated driver.

Terri, Kim and I drove out to the Windward Meeting of the Aloha Knitters last night. They meet at the lovely Morning Brew . We were treated to Patrice's incredible sampler afghan. She knit this up in purples and yellow. I hope she posts a picture of it soon.

My Kelpie, sculpted by talented May has come home to Nuuanu and is getting to know the resident Totoros. I love my little Kelpie from his wry smile to his horsehair tail and "mane". I can't look at Kelpie without smiling. Thank you May!

TP Totoro is felted and is drying here with his temporary eyes and smile. He will be off to visit May's water closet as soon as he gets stuffed and sewn together.

My pineapple harvest this year promises to be tiny...I mean literally. The first pineapple to ripen is the largest and smaller then my coffee cup. I may try and make some pineapple vodka. But of course if it's sweet I'll just eat it fresh:)

The tassel stitch scarf is blocking. The tassel stitch portion curls under despite added a row of single crochet. I like the look of this very easy stitch, modified from The New Knitting Dictionary by Rhoda Ochser Goldberg. I love this shade of red Cascade 220 Superwash. I'm not sure if I'll send this one to the Red Scarf Project of blocking does not improve the curling issue.

The stitch worked much better for this hat and is reversible. (although different on the backside)


k-brow said...

Kelpie seems to be settling in nicely. I hope the Totoros welcomed him properly - mayhaps with an after hours party? I'd lock up the pineapple vodka around those guys!

Opal said...

i have kelpie envy!!