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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flowers in Seattle

(click to make the mosaic larger)

I was just flabbergasted by all the beautiful flowers on my trip. They were everywhere! Giant dahlias in peoples yards, colorful weeds along the way, lovely bouquets in restaurants and hotel lobbies. Both Pike's Market and University District Farmer's Market had incredible, large baskets of flowers I don't know the names of. Simply amazing!


Beverly said...

They are beautiful. I love fresh floweres.

Opal said...

what a feast for the eyes!

chris said...

Hey, Acornbud! Your flower montage is beautiful. It feels so good to be reading your blog!! It's been far too long and I'm so happy to have all your back posts to catch up on. So glad you had a fantastic trip and even gladder that you're back. :-)

weebug said...

dahlias are just amazing, aren't they? i never get tired of photographing them.