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Monday, August 03, 2009

Getting Ready for a Trip

I'm leaving for Seattle Wednesday night for a retreat with my Saturday walking group, and visit to my blogless friends, Margaret, Betty and Ebony, and I'm starting to get excited! I signed up to work a 10 hour day tomorrow in some fit of notbeingabletosayno-ness. At least I have today and Wednesday off. Today is for a massage, stocking the 'fridge for the Landcaster, and tidying up the bed and craft rooms. Tomorrow is work, wrestling with the archaic electronic medical record and trying to deduce processes in a cryptic work environment. Good thing medicine is still challenging and interesting! I'm also looking forward to a nice sit down dinner with some high school classmates. Yup, we make 40 years this year! Dang I'm old! Wednesday is for packing.

The most important thing, is what to bring to knit. Must be portable, something small, something needles won't drop off to easily...sounds like a sock or two.
Montego Bay definitely gets to come. Seasilk is very squishy and it's on circs.

So that leaves several likely suspects.I'm leaning toward the Gaia Shoulder Hug, by Anne Caroll Gilmour in Noro silk Garden sock, Col No. S252. While socks are the sensible choice for travel, my sock mojo has been missing for quite some time now.

I decided not to bring February Lady as it has >200 stitches and is starting to weigh a ton.
The plan is to dye this cotton in a natural dye of some sort, as it is organic cotton. Some possibilities are indigo or kakishibu as I understand that can both dye cotton without mordants. I like the idea of a little indigo dye pot. The easy way out is to use that cherry Dylon I have had in my cupboard forever and it would allow me to destash that.

I'm happy to hear the Knitted Brow has been reunited with Mr. Pat and the Fabulous Ella and Rascal Cricket. I miss her already, sigh.

Happy Knitting! A hui ho!


Mokihana said...

Are you gonna head down here for Sock Summit??????

Opal said...

oh! i forgot about seattle! ignore my email about thursday!

thanks for linking to gaia. that went on my queue.

have a fabulous time in seattle. i'll miss you just like i'm missing kim. at least you're coming back. :)

KnitPastis said...

Hey have a wonderful time in Seattle! That is one place I have been wanting to visit so much! I hear it's beautiful there. Great knits!