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Friday, August 21, 2009

Home from the Pacific Northwest

Chibi Totoro traveled with me to Seattle and places around. One of the things I did was the Anacortes Arts Festival. I only found the town's yarn store after bumping into a dye your own sock yarn exhibit put on by Ana-Cross Stitch.

I always wanted to try this and I got to do it without the potential mess at home. It was a lovely festival with lots of yummy food, music and craftspeople.

It was a wonderful two weeks of visiting friends, tasting and picking the incredible fresh fruit, enjoying the fun and color of Pikes Market and University District Farmer's Market, checking out new yarn stores and shopping. And yes, there was stash enhancement and shopping!

I am grateful to be sleeping in my own bed. I am even more grateful to find that the Lancaster had taken it upon himself to rid the house of roaches by plugging up the holes in the kitchen left by the druggie cabinetmaker. It's gross, I know, but anyone who lives in Hawaii knows it is a constant war and summer is the worse time. I was pleasantly surprised to find some major housecleaning had taken place while I was gone!

Once I get the pictures organized, I will not doubt saturate the blog with the travelogue 'til the cease and desist order come down.


k-brow said...

Bring on the travelogue. That koolaid yarn looks yummy. I always loved the smell of koolaid yarn, which sticks around for a few washings.

Glad to hear Landcaster was busy in your absence!

Mokihana said...

Can't wait to see more photos! Too bad I couldn't have hiked on up there to meet you in person. I would've enjoyed that!

Opal said...

i'm so glad your back! i missed you!

i'm also glad to hear landcaster was so industrious in your absence. :)