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Friday, January 08, 2010

Entropy or Keeping one's head above the Stash

First off, I want to thank everyone who commented on Brownie that cat. Blogger does not show me the email addresses for most of the posts or I would thank each of you individually. I appreciate the encouragement and feedback and also the errata sent to my by Prensy on Ravelry.

Every once and a while, I get stricken with an overpowering desire to downsize, destash, and organize and there is nothing the like the New Year to feed that insanity. I remember once upon a time I thought I would like to be able to live life out of a backpack and be free from stuff. But my true nature, like my family before me, is that of a pack rat. There are skeletons in the closet that bordered on hoarding. Is it congenital or am hiding behind clutter? The New Year's resolution, proposed by the blogless Landcaster, is that I need to take something out if I want to bring something in.

On one of my other mad organizing quests a couple years ago, I obsessed on a wonderful wardrobe made of maple at the very overpriced furniture store. It never went on sale so I figured it was not my karma to have it and I let it go. I settled on a cute finish it yourself cabinet which I put together and never painted. Then a windfall from abandoned bookcase with glass doors! It's now mine. So of course that means I have to reorganize everything.

And that's how I rediscover those bits of yarn in stash--some gifted to me, some purchased, that have slipped into oblivion. And that ginormous fabric stash that the Etsy shop was supposed to be outlet for.

Believe, me this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So what's going out? So far, books-craft books, novels, cook books, medical books. I can actually see a little space on the "library closet" shelves. I am not ready to part with the Pyrex pie plate and custard cups(I'm embarrassed to say how many I have) but I'm culling the plastic container/glass jar collection throwing out lids with no body and jars with no lids and have weeded out the expired cans and mystery items from the freezer and pantry.

I'm trying to use some of that stash.

Noro Ganpi Abaka Teipu is a very interesting yarn I won. I tried my hand at crocheting a yoke for a toddler dress, but it was not too successful.

On the other hand, the Plymouth Encore Rasta Rook Scarf was fun to make and the colors rather infectious even if it never finds a neck to adorn. The pattern, Rook Scarf is a free download from Sophia Kessinger's Ravelry Store, Yarn Over Manhattan. Crocheting the stripes the long way beats casting on 3 or 400 stitches, imo. It was easy peasy even for this survival crocheter.

I've also CO some Ultra Alpaca for Petrol in Denim Heather, Baktus by ©Strikkelise in a Knitpicks sock yarn gifted to me awhile back, and Manly fingerless mitts in the soft and fuzzy Frog Tree Alpaca, I won in a blog contest.

Time will tell how many of these make it to the end. I have high hopes for the fingerless mitts as it is a very fast and easy pattern.

On the work scene, the person who was credentialing for the position I have been filling in for, took another job. On one hand that means I can continue my two day work week. On the other hand, it's work. So far the people and work suit me fine and as a bonus I get to drive over the Pali and on to the Kaneohe Marine Base twice a week and enjoy the beauty of Lanikai and Kaneohe bay. It's something that I never get tired of because no two days are every the same:)


k-brow said...

I like your glass door bookcase, and of course I'm laughing out loud remembering your obsession over that armoire...

This is the time of year when I'd like to focus on purging and downsizing. Unfortunately the dogs and their mud and tracks are keeping me solidly anchored in the here and now of survival cleaning.

Dorothy said...

You also get to keep ogling the Marines. A WIN all around.

I covet your bookshelf. I've wanted one like that for a long time, but they're usually WAAAAAY out of my budget. :(

MsKnottyKnits said...

Oh man! I remember when the Pali opened! It is an amazing drive - what a great commute.

I threw out so much stuff when I first stopped working in November, that I threw away *too* much and had to dig through some trash to find some important papers.


Mokihana said...

That bookcase is fabulous! I'm trying to some stash organizing myself...

Moon said...

O dear, I have to admit that all it will take is just one little shove towards the otherside and I will awaken in a house filled with boxes and books and sewing machines, papers and yarn and good knows what else with squished dogs and cats found lifeless under flotsam.
I so feel you.