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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Vest for Marg, FO and Ode to Ohagi

Pattern: Petrol, a free Knitty pattern by Carol Sulcoski.
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, color Denim Mix
Needles: size 6 and 8
Mods: 3 needle bind-off for shoulder seams.

This is a fast knit if one does not have distractions. I like that it is knit in the round. I hope it fits the recipient. I'm still debating on whether I should block it. The bottom edge curls and is part of the design. Many on Ravelry seem to have added ribbing which does make it look more finished. I rather like the curling edge, especially in the alpaca which is very silky and soft and has the halo. It makes seem a bit more feminine and hopefully will be more forgiving around a tummy.

Haiku for Ohagi

Ono ohagi
at Shinagawa Station
Yummy, yummy, yum!

This first attempt at recreating a wonderful memory...
Recipes for making the tsubushi-an varied widely. For 12 ounces of azuki beans the amount of sugar ranged from .75-2.5 cups! I went with the .75 cup and it was plenty sweet. The beans were nice and soft, but since I was worried about burning them, I probably did not cook them long enough to evaporate the excess water. Thus I have to eat by ohagi in a bowl with chopsticks. I wish I had learned to make this from my grandma. My dad always refers to these sweetened azuki beans as "Japanese chocolate". My uncle refers to ohagi as inside out mochi, as the rice is on the inside. I learned that it is not filled with mochi, but a the beans enclose mochi riceball inside.


k-brow said...

Well that vest didn't take long. Really cute and a great color. I like the pattern and may just have to knit it myself!!

Your haiku is funny. Yummy yum yum. Okay, there, Basho-bud...

Silvia M. said...

I loved the vest and, although it wasn't at all what the post was about, I love the Totoro dish!