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Monday, January 18, 2010

Ramblings on Martin Luther King Day

1. What a cute boy!
2. What a great scarf! I wonder if it’s crocheted?
3. What a splendid hat! It would be fun to knit, but who for?
4. The sweater ain’t bad, too.

It dawned on me yesterday as I watched this lovely but sad movie (Mrs.Palfrey at the Claremont) that up to about my mid 40s this would be the order of my reactions to this photo. Now it’s more like 2,3,4,1. heh. Perhaps it was when I realized that Rupert Friend is younger then my son!...and of course, it is a great scarf when you see it up close.

While watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the umpteenth time, I was discussing Harry Potter knits with Chris. I have been sorted into Ravenclaw and I struggle with the colors...different for the book and movie. And what can I knit? In the last book Harry is no longer in school. And what would suit my tropical location? And do we really have to wait for December to see it?

24 started up again. The last season for Jack. In a wonder of ultra modern medicine, he and his daughter have survived and recovered from some stem cell something and are now good as new. The new head of CTU, Hastings, is clueless and a bit of a corner cutter. If he doesn't start listening to Chloe, he won't survive much of the season. I hope the 9pm time slot here is where 24 stays as I have yoga until 8pm Mondays. Choices, choices. I'm resisting a dvr as it would mean upgrading to digital cable.

Blogless Doris made this pretty piece over-dying pink cotton with indigo dye in Shibori Class.

It's been about small projects knit from stash while gearing up for Ravelympics. TheBeaverslide in catbird heather for CPH Hoodie is wound into balls. I hope I can approximate gauge. I've been mildly obsessed on making a yoke for a child's dress. I cast on for Sunny, Sunny, Sunny by Carol J. Sulcoski. It is going quickly. I wish I had hunted for the ball band before knitting up one ball. The Tahki Classic Cotton is really wonderful to knit with but it is worsted and not DK.

Whirliberri is finished.

Pattern: Whirligig Shrug by Stefanie Japel published in Interweave Knits, Weekend 2009
Yarn: Katia, Austral. DK weight 50% wool/acrylic. This yarn is wonderful to knit with and comes in really vivid colors.
Needles: size 6.
It looks tiny. I wish I had a real live 2 year old to try it on. It is very cute and was a fun, fast knit.

25% off at Ben Franklin today. Dare I attempt to run in and run out? I only need the ModPodge and some paint for the Totoro Clock. It's a trap, no doubt...but with the Club Card it will actually be 35% off, and maybe I could pick up a heart die or two for my Sizzix.


Jennifer said...

I loved that movie. I had many of the same comments (and though I'm in my 40s, I agree with your current ratings!). I felt closer in age to Mrs. Claremont than Rupert Friend. Love all your projects going on. The purply goodness is a true delight. Nice going!

Felicia said...

I saw that same movie (Mrs. Palfrey) about a year ago through Netflix. Bittersweet and definitely great knitwear :) I remember thinking it would make a great grandma/MIL movie so we gave the DVD to my MIL who is English and very elderly. She cried a lot and thoroughly loved the movie!

k-brow said...

I thought for a minute Rupert Friend was my former heartthrob Orlando Bloom! Nice hat!

Yes, by all means, go to Ben Franklin.

Cute shrug...I"ve never seen that pattern, which Interweave is it in?

I'm a Ravenclaw, too! I wonder if it would be a good idea to make a scarf? You know, for the last movie?

Cotton Yarn Manufacturer said...
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weebug said...

did you see this pattern over at ravelry? it made me think of you!

Eklectika! said...

I'm liking this season of 24 so far, too. I'm hoping we find out what exactly Renee did to that guy at the end of the last season. Considering how she's acting so far - she really lost it!

I'm also hoping they start listening to Chloe - if only to get her to stop making that "Oh my god you people are stupid" look, lol. I swear, she's only had that one expression so far this season!

Opal said...

shoots, i have some modgepodge that i could have given you. too bad we aren't neighbors.

love the shrug. that color is so vibrant!