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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Adventures with the Finnish Sock

In trying to rekindle my sock mojo I stalked Ravelry and looked through the my books and magazines. I really fell in love with Petäjä-sukat by Eeva Saviranta (Zeska on Ravelry). Alas, the Google translator does not speak Finnish knitspeak. I found two sites that had kniting terms, but it continued to stump me, especially the arch on the pattern chart. The other problem was that the stash is very low on solid colored sock yarn. The pattern is a six stitch pattern so I decided to use 6 stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, casting on 66 stitches.

The first try was a bust: Zitron Trekking Pro Natura. For the 2 stitch arch in the pattern arch, used knit second stitch on left needle without slipping off. Knit the first stitch and slip both off. On size one and two needles this was very fussy and the yarn was very splitty. I'm not sure what this yarn will be.

I changed the arch to K2 but do not slip off. Knit first stitch and slip both off. It was less fiddly and looked similar.

For the 3rd try I dug out some mystery yarn solid and went with the size 1 needles. Changing the arch again to knit second stitch through back loop, don't slip off the knit first stitch and slip both off. This did the trick and voila! A FO!

Zeska has since told me the translation for the arch in the pattern is “Slip 1, Knit 1, Yarn Over, pull the slipped stitch over both”. I suspect the original would be looser.

With my yarn being on the thickish side, it turned out just fine being tighter. My heel is short so next time I will do 16 gusset stitches instead off 17.

It was a beautful day for a walk with loaner dog Malu. Blogless Jan shared a some fresh eggs laid by her Easter Egg chickens. The eggs are a lovely pale green. She also cut these awesome flowers out of her yard!


sandy said...

Socks turned out great!

k-brow said...

Wow, your perseverence with that sock is so impressive. You are THE knittah! Your loaner dog is really cute. I would fall hard for that sweet smile.

Thinking fondly of HI today, as it is 39 degrees, flurries, rain, and crazy March weather.

Rachel said...

Beautiful socks!

Andrea said...

Your dog is so darling. Especially that happy face!

Beverly said...

Wonderful socks. I admire your sticking with it. The pattern is perfect for solid colors.

Zonda said...

Love your socks! Cute loaner dog. Beautiful flowers!