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Friday, March 12, 2010

March Ramblings

I read an article in the paper the other week about how blogging and MySpace are a thing of the past. The "young" have fled to Twitter,etc. As today I am just 1 year shy of turning the decade, I guess I no longer qualify as "young" so I'm exempt. I am exempt from being able to text while running in 4 inch heels as well, thank Bob.

I had a nice chat with the Verizonwireless dude. I felt like I was trying to buy a car even though I only went in there to buy a battery for the somewhat puffy battery living in the Landcaster's phone. I think my mistake was that I asked him to explain my 3G plan. I needed access when I travel only, for my netbook, so I got some pay as you go plan. He seemed shocked at how little the Landcaster and I use our phone or text. That didn't prevent him from launching upgrades, more minutes etc. In the end I think I wore him down, trying to divert his attention by bringing up the Big Red Fruit's attack on the HTCRoboPhone, etc. He agreed that there was no use in upgrading my archaic mere 500 minute plan to a 700 minute/3G plan. I was tempted by the myfi thingy with which I could cast my own wifi bubble around me and selected friends. So in the end he sold me a usb modem for my netbook, and which has a rebate, and a two year contract for an actually cheaper 3G plan, minus activation. When my beloved PalmTX dies, I will contemplate a Droid. By then perhaps the drama and bugs will be worked out.

It's tax time. I really don't understand all the tax implications of my tiny business with the Etsy store. The tax lady asked if I take inventory...OMG! Maybe I should have paid the $150 or the audit insurance!!

Working 3 days a week and I hope the regular position is hired soon so I can go back to the "6 weeks/year" I signed up for. Working sucks the creative energy out of me. My cold lingered and then I got pink eye which in the end turned out to be Episcleritis="nonspecific, idiopathic". Leave it to me to get something I had never had a patient with. Guess it's an eye doctor kind of disease.

So that's my excuse for not making much besides stitch markers for the store. In fact I'm too lazy to photograph them so I just sell them to friends who ask. I still have energy to acquire "supplies".

Knitting Beaverslide and CPH Hoodie vest was a hard act to follow. I CO with Zitron bamboo/wool socks yarn for a Finnish sock pattern on size 1 needles. The splittiness and pattern/yarn mismatch is driving me crazy. I frogged the whole darn thing and started over on size 2 needles but I'm still not too happy. I still adore the pattern and will either finish this sock or find better yarn in my stash somewhere!

Work is my excuse also for being too darn lazy to get the ball winder and swift out and roll some yarn. The Knitted Brow has moved all the way East to Atlanta and is not here to wind it up for me! Come back, Kim!

So what does a girl do? Lust of after yarn...I had the Malabrigo and the Koigu in the shopping basket, until I remembered I'm on a yarn diet. Oh boo. So I broke out the Ultra Alpaca and started Saroyan. The yarn is so silky and sproingy and fun to be with. The pattern really caught my eye and the Ultra Alpaca examples on Ravelry sold me. So there is hope there.

I knit the dog I'm supposed to have in my corner. He is a bit corny and has found a friend to hang with. I named him Buttons after the only real dog I ever owned.

I would like to knit a bunny for Easter, but after all that seaming for Buttons, I am searching for a seamless bunny.

Other FOs:
Stash Busting Scarf

Pattern: The Purl Scarf by Joelle Hoverson, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
Yarns: the really old Crystal Palace Country silk and the fluffy Crystal Palace Kid merino gifted to me by Angela.

Paper and Shibori Projects with Melody


Dee said...

Nice to see that you're feeling better...good enough to defeat the phone upgrade attack. Love Buttons!

k-brow said...

Ahhgh! Your creative mojo, even as you decry how work has sucked it out of you, just dazzles me. That shibori is a thing of beauty.

Nonspecific idiopathic episcleritis? I got it right here, and have been enjoying it for nigh unto a year now. It comes and goes. Like an itchy little pet. I loved my Kaiser Hawaii eye doctors, in spite of their bafflement at my red itchy eye that didn't seem to be linked to tuberculosis, or any of the weird conditions it accompanies on occasion.

Glad you got your dog knitted!! I need to remind my sis to put a dog in her corner, as the Tiger is already roughing her up this year, also.

Was your etsy shop so lucrative that you need to mention it to the IRS? I am currently stalking ceramic buttons on etsy...pretty but I'm scared I'll break 'em.

Rachel said...

So cute!

Opal said...

buttons is darling and saroyan is gorgeous!

my friends are ever so sad that your etsy store has been shut down. just thought i'd mention that. :)