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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drop Spindle Progress

Being a knitter who likes quick fast projects, I really want to spin fat yarn. The down side is that the roving disappears pretty quickly. So I'm attempting to spin thinner singles and even tried plying some of the green.

Then of course I have to figure out what to make out of the fugly yarn. Since I had so much of the NZ Corriedale in the pumpkin, purchased from Mielke Farms, I could only come up with pumpkins and carrots. The quirky, coily green made perfect tops. The lighter carrots are handspun purchased on Etsy from smallestfriend.
Rabbits are happy! I'm going to have a lot of carrots.


Zonda said...

The carrots and bunny are too cute. You're doing pretty good with a drop spindle! Love the colors.

Opal said...

your yarn is NOT fugly!