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Monday, August 23, 2010

Totoro Tuesday

The plover are back marking the changing of the season. Next week is September already. And as someone on FB mentioned, soon it will be Christmas. Yikes!

The gray hair didn't wait long after my decision to stop coloring to pop out. I woke up dreaming I had a huge skunk stripe and also alopecia areata! My hair was so short I couldn't even comb it over!

Kim has been challenging me to inventory my Totoros. The sorry fact is that I don't have space large enough or lens with a wide enough angle for a group photo. Instead I have decided to post every Tuesday give or take 1/2 a day while I count.

The first entry and most recent Totoro is Beaverslide, stuffed with wool and some left over corn stuffing. The pattern has evolved over time and every Totoro is different.

Unlike real pets, kids or even plants, Totoro makes no demands, takes no care, is always on time, and never gets sick or throws up on your couch.

I'm going to spin at least 10 minutes every day on my drop spindle until I get it. My lovely BFL has arrived from Jen and I'm planning another lesson with Opal in September.

I went to see Eat, Pray Love over the weekend. I only read the Eat part of the actual book. There were some words of wisdom, and Julia Roberts was great, but the movie was only so so imo. Really how many times does a Javier Bardem actually walk in to a woman's life?

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