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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small Project Bags

Small Project Bags
Originally uploaded by acornbud
I finally made a few bags for the shop.

My Bernina has forgotten how to sew backwards and my camera battery doesn't hold a charge very long anymore. I've gotten a lot of use out of both of them, but still do not look forward to having to fork out money to get them fixed. It's lonely without them when they are in the shop and not working, sigh. Somehow weeding just isn't as much fun, imo.


k-brow said...

Oh but I LOVE your new header!! Collage is so lovely. Don't forget to count the paper Totoro in the census!

Zonda said...

Beautiful bags! Grrr I so hate the machine in the shop too! One time, I had like 5 or so orders and it was there for 6 weeks!! Good luck!

Opal said...

oh no! you have a case of the gremlins! :-o

the bags are all so lovely. i want them ALL! well... except for the one with the skulls. i already have that one. ;-)

Daniele said...

Great bags!