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Monday, October 11, 2010

In search of "boo" and Totoro Tuesday

It's been a rather dry summer so I have to water plants once in a while. The last two times I did, it rained the next day. I can't imagine the torrents that may have been if I'd washed my car, too.

Here in Hawaii, there is no Hobby Lobby, Joann's or Michael's. When the coveted Ben Franklin 40% off coupon comes it, it seems a shame to waste it. I obsessed on the spider web embossing folder but the closest Ben's was out of it so I settled for a 12x12 storage container for paper. The next day I tried another Ben's and the folder was available! I get home and went in search of "boo" without success. I must have destashed my Halloween stamps in a fit of organization lust. Luckily Halloween was 20% off at Fishers today.

Life seems full of coincidences sometimes and it makes me wonder. I suspect I'm not really a rainmaker and that the sale had nothing to do with my lost boo.

Totoro decided to dress up as candy corn for Halloween.

(Totoro is a decorated cutout from the 2010 Totoro Calendar)

I like the Lendrum Spinning Wheel Opal loaned me. It's maple, folds, and is easy to adjust and set up. It also comes with a bag. What I don't like is threading the yarn orifice with the crazy hook. I filled one bobbin full of Candy Corn superwash BFL, dyed by Moonlight Baker. After reading up, I decided to spin this to make long repeats, then proceeded to split the roving in half the short way instead off length wise. Live and learn, lol. I'm sure it will still be pretty. I could chain ply it, but I'm not inclined to try that yet.

This is a mosaic of 3 Totoro puzzles. Totoro playing his ocarina in the tree was a challenge to assemble. Luckily no pieces where lost in the long construction phase.

Oops, I almost forgot my WIPs

TTL Mystery sock KAL for Socktoberfest, in Schaefer Anne.

White Caps Fingerless Mitts


MsKnottyKnits said...

Oh! Look at all that you are doing!! You are a busy lady, that's for sure! The spinning looks great. My wheel had no bag, so Zonda and I (more Zonda than me) made one, but I can tell you that after that process, I wish mine had come with one! ;-P

k-brow said...

Nice mitties!!
If you want a wheel with an orifice that doesn't require a hook, you need to get a Louet. Huge orifice! I can stick my pinky through it and pull the leader in.

Beverly said...

We started with Ben Franklin and Michael's came to town and put them out of business. Now we have Michael's, AC Moore, Hobby Lobby and the new super JoAnn's with everything just open. We're in craft heaven around here.

The only thing missing is a spinning-related store.

Zonda said...

Cute candy totoro! I hear you on threading the orifice of the Lendrum. I used one of my friends and in a class...ugh...spent more time with that darn hook! Your Mystery socks are looking so good..mine are frogged...never to be. Nice mitts too!

Aim said...

You are very prolific! I love the fingerless mitts, they are beautiful! And, your spinning looks like fun. I need to get my wheel out and do some too!