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Monday, October 04, 2010

Totoro Tuesday

I once had a refrigerator with a wooden door. It seemed like a nice idea, but one of the biggest drawbacks, was I had to give up my refrigerator magnets. I was not sad when that refrigerator finally went for many other reasons, but the new one is magnet friendly. The flying Totoro magnet was a gift and came from Japan. The felt ones I got locally at Shirokiya and one was a gift. And look! There are my two darling boys when they were little...sigh. One of them made the star years ago.

This is the latest Totoro in Beaverslide and stuffed with mill ends from the Brown Sheep Mill.

My dad turned 91 October 4. My sister flew in and my niece and son joined us for dinner and cupcakes from Hokulani Bakery. He had the best day he's had in quite a while.

Opal and Blogless Sandy came over for a spinning party. Opal left her Lendrum at my house. Sandy and I have decided to spin at least 15 minutes every day. It really helps. There was a lot to eat...the day went by so quickly. We had so much fun, we forgot to take pictures.

(I'm still looking for my pill shaver to work on the witch hat)


Beverly said...

A Happy Belated Birthday to your father. You all are truly blessed.

I love your refrigerator magnets. Our most recent has a no magnet policy which I hate.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great day! Love the witch's hat.

PS - Happy bday to your dad.

Opal said...

i know this is a super late comment, but remind me to bring my lint shaver the next time i see you. email me or something. :P

keohinani said...

that wheel looks familiar :) nice to see you're having fun!