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Monday, October 25, 2010

A Blustery Totoro Tuesday

I'm having a lazy day's blustery and cloudy outside and I have a few aches from the flu shot. I can't really blame the flu shot as I have aches and pains all the time anyway, but it's nice to think there is a reason for my general sloth. I'm just short of bonbons.

Totoro wind up toy
Originally uploaded by acornbud

This little guy does not hop for long but he makes me laugh. I'm easily amused.

The little pile of wool locks from some unknown sheep blogless Sandy gifted me is now ready to be knit into carrots or pumpkins. One skein was spun and plied on my drop spindle and the larger skein was spun on a Lendrum and plied on a drop spindle. I still some really tight twists in there, despite cooking this with cake dye in a crock pot and snapping it over and over.

I tried pouring the dye over the heated up yarn and it did not go all the way through. I flipped it over when the water was clear and added more dye. The color was all sucked up. I tried adding some red and brown in areas to see if I could get some variegation but I was too chicken to add a lot so they barely show. Processing the wool was a fun experiment!


sandy said...

Wow! You've been busy. How did you like spinning the locks? Love that color.

may said...

I have the same windup Totoro. Mine is in a jar standing on a grassy "hill" made of eyelash yarn.

Was great to see you and Ms. Hypermonkey last week. :-)