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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful for Totoro

Thank you Mr. Hayazaki for creating Totoro! Without you, I would have no Totoro's to count.

In this photo are 2 wallets, 3 totes and one camera bag. I use the camera bag and love that fact that it attaches with a carabiner. They are such cool gadgets, imo. Most of these bags were gifts. I do use them occasionally. So far the wallets have just stayed in stash, but I'm tempted to use the one on the left. I'm thankful for friends and family, who put up with me and enable my Totoro habit!

On the knitting scene:

Invisibility Clapotis continues to languish. I may have to mark it hibernating. The only good thing about Harry Potter #7 being divided into two movies is that I may yet finish this scarf in time for the second installment. Otherwise it's just plain torture to make me wait.

Btw, she who rarely blogs and I went to see it last night. The theater was very uncrowded for the 6:30 pm showing. Chris sported her Griffindor scarf. I won't say much about the movie for fear of spoilers. I enjoyed it and have started re-reading book 7.

Grover Hat was well received. This smile says it all! It gave this crafter great joy!

I rarely repeat a pattern when it comes to garments but Gnome #5 has joined he buddies. I love this Alan Dart pattern, especially the small and medium sizes. I knit them in the round as I dread seaming. This ball of Kureyon 264 had quite a surprising array of colors.

Stogie Blue Crossed Slouch is my first wearable garment made from my hand spun. The pattern Star Crossed Slouchy Beret by Natalie Larson from Strands of Me worked well. I used size 9 and 11 needles.

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving plans are going well!


Sandy said...

Gnomes! Just in time for the Holidays!

Beverly said...

Love the gnomes. They look great in the Kureyon. The handspun hat is lovely. You are making fast progess with the spinning.