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Monday, November 15, 2010

Totoro Tuesday Comes Around Again!

2/3 of these zippered Totoro's have a bag in side. I don't have the heart to use them as they may get dirty. I think the other one is a coin purse or maybe a cell phone bag. The softee just sits on the acorn, looking charming. It was a dark and dreary morning, and the lighting was suboptimal.

Blogless Sandy gave me some black, single ply wool so I made a cat. The model, Kiko, has a habit of stretching out, often on her back when she is relaxing. It's quite unlike any other cat I've met. The real Kiko only has a tiny white spot on her chest has the strangest green/yellow eyes.

It's been awhile since my boys were toddlers and they never watched sesame street. They were Ninja Turtle kind of guys. A FB friend was talking about her son's love for "Gro Gro" and it became a bit of an obsession. After doing a web search, I discovered that Grover is NOT related to the other blue guy and has pink nose. The hat is modeled by a Care Bear their grandmother made for the boys.

Pattern: Blue Fuzzy Monster Who Likes Baked Goods Hat

Needles: 10.5 circular and dpns, size 3 for eyes and nose
Yarn: Red Heart worsted and Nohea eyelash

Saturday I went to a baby luau for one of my former coworkers. The tradition here is to throw a big feast for the first birthday. Guess back in the day it was cause for a big celebration as infant mortality was high. The food was great, and the music too. Wouldn't you know my camera battery would die before the baby woke up! I did get one shot of Heeia Pond.

My blogless card-making partner has returned from her log cabin building on Camano Island and we had our Thanksgiving card day. I was quite happy with the results! Next up will be Christmas tags.
Tomorrow I'm participating in a succulent wreath class at Wahiawa Botanical Garden. It should be fun!

And finally, the big news. My spinning wheel order is being processed by Majacraft. I decided on the Rose because of it's more classic look. I hope it gets here from New Zealand before Christmas!

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