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Friday, May 03, 2013

A Little Stashbusting, A Lot of Shop Therapy

Number 2 son frequently comments on the additions to my various stashes and reminds me to get rid of something for every new purchase.  I just realized that he is also stashing things, and I've just had a lot longer to collect things!  So there!

Bead stash damage from the trade show.  Pink coral (suspect dyed), green moonstone, and some other green stone I've already forgotten the name of.  I have a thing going on with round beads.

After Green Dreams came along, I acquired a couple more spindles, a diz and a puller.
1.  Green Dreams by Rooster Rick
2.  Bosworth Maxi, Cherry and Maple
3.  Gregory V Pencheff, Maple and Shedua
4.  Gregory V Pencheff, Maple Diz and puller

I'm spinning some wool from Karen's churro named Pippi on the Navajo spindle and having much more luck with this supported spindle then the others I've tried.  The Bosworth is lovely and spins wonderfully!  The Pencheff is very pretty, quite heavy and large.  When I get enough cotton spun I'll try it for plying.

I finished two shawls using the Summer Flies pattern (for sale on Ravelry), by Donna Griffin, Summer Chocolate and Summer Ice.
Needles:  Size 10.5.  Yarn:  Brown Queensland Collection Pima Fresca, Blue STASH Plymouth Linen Isle.  The Linen Isle was gifted to me and had a hard time deciding what it wanted to be.  The pattern is well written and a fast knit up to the mercifully short ruffle.  I used a crochet hook to make the picot bind off.  The Pima Fresca did not need any blocking, but I may block the Linen Isle one since the yarn had been frogged a number of times and was sitting around in the elements for a while.  The label says "machine washable"!

Another stash buster is Stash Market bag.
Pattern:  Shifting Shells Shopping Bagby Claudia Schwan.  A free pattern on Ravelry.
Yarn:  Mystery stuff, looks like cotton linen for the bottom and handles and Reynolds Garden Tween.
Hook size:  I
Mods:  the mystery yarn was a smaller gauge, so I added a couple rows on top before starting the handles.  It is also machine washable.  After washing the tweed portion had a funny smell, so I washed it again.  It is less, but still there.  As my crochet skills are just so so, one handle is little longer.  Oh well.

So far the work a the other clinic has been going okay.  The drive home sucks big time and I know now why Honolulu ranks #2 in the country as worst commute home.  The people I'm working with are all very nice and that counts for a lot! And,  there is a lovely head of red hair I'm trying not to stalk.  Wonder why sheep don't come in that color?

I have one more dye class to go. 
The T-shirt is weld with indigo, the yarn (hand spun SW merino with seacell from Pat at Dyeing for Color  on Etsy. The green is weld on crepe de chine, with a quick indigo dip.  The lac behind the green scarf a little disappointing.  Turns out cotton and vegetable fibers are more challenging to dye.  I don't like to sew silk, so I'm going to dye mostly cotton anyway.  I wish I had more SW wool to dye.  I have some Romney locks, but since I'm sharing dye pots and I don't have any good way to contain the wool or prevent felting I'll save that for another time. 

Blogless Megan is going to knit with Ysolda Teague in Iceland.  Jealous!!!

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