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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Wonderful Surprise, Small FOs

Wow!  I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today.  This handspun is so fluffy.  I love it!  Thanks for making my day KnottyNaomi! 
Yarn:  Twisters Handspun, "terrestrial". Naomi is a fine spinner of incredible art yarn.  Every Tour de Fleece, I try something arty (you know, lumpy yarn spun on purpose!)  I aspire to spinning something this fluffy and worsted weight too. 

A couple of small projects....Nanipolu
Pattern:  Cadhla Shawl, by Paula Pereira, from Da Fazenda. 
The author generously provided this pattern for free!
Yarn:  Queensland Prima Fresca.  This is such a nice soft yarn.  There two skeins had some issues matching, though.  I still love it.  I used  most the two skeins. 
Needle:  size 10 for C0 and BO, and size 8 for knitting. 
Comments:  A fast knit, easy to follow instructions.  A small shawl. 

Mini Strawberry Purse
Pattern:  Girl's Strawberry Purse, by Jacqueline Y Young from Jacqueline's Patterns
Yarn:  Cascade 220 and maybe that green is Red Heart
Needles:  size 7
Mods:  I did not hold the yarn double.  I wanted a small bag.  This one is about the size of my hand.  I also wanted a draw string, so modified the leaves so I could knit them in one piece, knit them on , then added some eyelets for the drawstring.  The twisted drawstring, I made with my new Bosworth Maxi:)  I wanted a short handle, as I'm always worried small people will somehow strangle on a longer one.  I have observed this intended  recipient chew a rubber ring like gum instead of leaving it on her finger as intended.  The horror!  The horror!

Black Hat
Pattern:  A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend, by Stephanie Nicole, from Stephanie Likes to Knit
Yarn:  Vanna's Choice
Needle:  Size 8
The recipient tried the hat on for size.  Instead of waiting for me to sew in the ends, he cut them off some unraveled.  Yikes!  At least the CO edge did not and I was able to tie on some tails and finish them up.  Lucky yarn choice for me.

A cute mushroom, I believe a yellow houseplant mushroom, sprouted in my papyrus plant.  It lasted 3 days and I missed the morning of the first day when the olive shape had a little bulbous top.  I love the way the brown top cracked, like bread in the oven.  

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Moon said...

gorgeous little bundle of yarn!!!