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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Who ain't busy living is dyeing

Well I guess that's not really what Bob Dylan was singing about, but at little ear worm popped into my head.  Then of course there was the banana song.

These minion are the creation of Illumination Entertainment and stole the show in Despicable Me.  My weld-dyed yarn screamed Minion to me. 

Pattern:  Minion
Needles:  size 8
Yarn:  yellow, hand spun merino/seacell.  Weld natural dye.  Overalls, hand spun Romney and hand dyed and grown by Sheep and Threads on Etsy.  Many bits and bobs-mystery black wool, baby alpaca eyes.  Number two son said google eyes.
Comments:  The goggles are the challenge.  I may still put wire in them and add some eyelids to help hold them in place.  I crochet the rims, just winging them as I went along.  He still needs a pocket and emblem.  I'm still trying to imagine how I will make them. 

My other dyeing project involved a braid of Rambouillet from Certified Cute on Etsy.  A friend who dyes scarves with acid dyes gave me some her premixed dyes to use.  I had no idea what I was doing.  My thought was that the oxblood and alpine blue would mix to form purple and I threw in some purple in the middle just in case.  I soaked and spun dry the braid which puffed up quite a bit in the process.  The dye was quite thick and didn't flow, but I was afraid to felt if by massaging too much.  I steamed it for 45 minutes, but the water never ran clear.  After rinsing it was quite dark. So here it is, Purple Majesty.

I will try to spin this up to blend the colors perhaps a 3-ply for socks. 

Have a Happy Mother's Day weekend all!

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sandy said...

Love that minion! Nice dyeing...want to see the finished socks.