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Friday, June 20, 2014

A Lovely Gift

Kbrow has sent me a very nice package with some wonderful ceramic acorn buttons!!  I will enjoy them on some future project.  They make me very happy just to be there to admire, too!  She also included some tasty smelling, home made soap, my favorite citrus-y flavors.  Lovely, lovely soap.

Since retiring May 31, I've been pretty lazy, just dreaming of all those healthy pursuits and things that need to be done.  I'm giving my self a mental vacation for one month.  I'm not really good at deadlines that I set for myself, but I'm content to dream about it.  My son was a little worried about me as I went out with my blouse inside out.  Humpf.  These things happen to "mature" ones  when they are rushed!!

I felt very accomplished having fixed two things on that fix it list.  One is this bracelet that I've had for ages.  I got it back in the antiquing days and did not have it very long before the middle stone fell out.  Sigh.  I used a rondele I found laying around and filed it a bit.  Luckily the setting prongs were still functioning.  It's bluer then the other stones, but from a distance not a bad match.  


The other is this clock. I've always loved this clock that was a gift years ago.  I ordered several clock movements from Klockit.  The hand were a bit long so I had to do some surgery. I forgot to order second hands but was able to use the old one.  So far it has continued to keep time. 

The knitting has slowed down a bit for the summer.  I fell in love with hempathy and Webs had some on closeout.  I decided on orange and was going to use it for weaving, but then the Aloha Yarns ladies were doing The Hole Story KAL, by Michelle Hunter from Knit Purl Hunter so I decided to jump on the wagon.

I somehow screwed up the ruffle and got this frilly thing that was the neverending lace from hell.  My neck is still stiff as I was so intent on just getting it done!

The hempathy was very nice and drapey and will wash well.  It came out a nice size as well.   And yes, it is very orange!!!

Kbrow was my thrift hunting buddy and the drum has had to continue beating alone since the violin moved East.   I was rewarded with some "real" yarn for next to nothing, a skein of Euroflax, Berrocco Trilogy and 2 skeins of 100% silk Amerah, SW Trading.  I crocheted a puffy heart/leaf garland.
Crochet Puffy Heart by Bonita Patterns, size G hook.  

I have thrown out a few things as a friend is having a garage sale...mostly old spotty books, some liquor bottles shaped like golf clubs and bags that were inherited with house...and I cleaned my desk.  It's still very cluttered but I spy a bit of the table top now and some of the dust bunnies have been moved out.

I obsessed on these sheep so made a few.  

It's difficult to keep off the Internet shopping for things I don't need.  I did get all the roving I need for the upcoming Tour de Fleece.  The plan is to mostly spin cotton on my Hansen e-spinner, "Cherry Baby" and do some puffy thick and thin on Serenity, the Majacraft Rose.

I'm set up to go to Stitches MidWest in Schaumberg.  It will be hot in August!

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