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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Retirement Brain

I thought I had today all planned out...breakfast with mom, knitting at 10, hang out until 2pm and doctor's appointment at 2:30pm.

The doctor's appointment for my sore arm and shoulder, and weakness in the arm.  I really didn't notice the weakness until I tried to carry the garbage bag.  I tried to see the Sport's Medicine doc, but they didn't consider knitting a sport.  I suspect my problem started after finishing the lace from hell.  Anyway, to get an appointment on a certain for an acute problem, I had to call at 7:30am that day.

2:30 seemed the perfect time. I could drive over after knitting, see the doc, and get my blood tests done for my routine appointment in August.   One problem...knitting was for next week.  Oh well, I had a great time at Aloha Yarns, and practically had Nanea all to myself.   And, I actually spent 7 hours without my computer. (not counting Wonbin the iphone)

Anne stopped by and I scored a 3 lb avocado!  Can't wait for it to get ripe.  I always worry about these massive avocados since a former patient got beaned on the head picking one.  She luckily did not get a concussion, but had a very impressive bruise that when down her back as well!

 Update:    6/27/2014 Here's what a 3 lb avocado looks like.  almost 8 inch tall and 5 inch in diameter. 

I've been referred for some xrays and to see a Physiatrist.   In the meantime I'm going to knit and spin on. 

Blogless Sandy had a good laugh.  She is reading a book about chemo brain, a type of cognitive dysfunction related to chemotherapy.  The symptoms sound similar to retirement brain, which I may be suffering from.  Mom and I spend part of each am determining what day of the week its and what tasks we need to get done.  This becomes a feat when there are no work days to schedule around.   Having calendars help some, but only if the data is entered correctly. 

I finished a little stashbuster.

Pattern:  Ruched Sleep Eye Mask
by Sarah Cores
Yarn:  Pakucho, organic cotton
Needles:  First 3 size 6, too holey.  Second one size 5.
I'm going to try these out on my night flight to Stitches Midwest.  It's so hard for me to sleep on planes.

1 comment:

kbrow said...

I hadn't thought of knitting a sleep mask out of the pachuko! It's very soft yarn, so I think it would make a good one.

Do you think you may have the beginnings of a frozen or shoulder impingement? I had one the year before last and it was a drag. PT for weeks, (always fun, my PT is a big Game of Thrones fan) and lots of pain. I kind of feel it coming back these days, but I'm trying to tell myself that it isn't so, and I keep doing my thing. So far, that denial is working.

Glad you still have WonBin. Or is this a new WonBin?