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Monday, June 30, 2014

So Sad, No Tour de Fleece for me :(

I've somehow messed up my arm and neck and can't spin.  I've tried resting, massage, exercises and even resorted to acetaminophen and naproxen.  I'm resigned that I will not be able to spin in the Tour de Fleece this year.  I have been  referred to a specialist. Sigh. Guess I'll keep off the knitting for a while as well.  My hands don't know what to do while watching TV anymore.  The pickings on TV are slim, but I've settled on Longmire, 24, Endeavor and the last season of True Blood. 

On a more successful note, my mom's pineapples are going strong.  She has harvested 2 already and this one is almost ready.  

She is coping with my dad's passing by doing what she always does when under stress.  She is cleaning and organizing...going through pictures, clothes, writing letters.  Many things have gone to the thrift stores.  She messed up her shoulder and finally saw her doc.  She was referred to PT.  But she never lets these sort of things get her down.  Her main concern is whether the cat (Kiko) chooses to sleep with her or not.  It's handy living next door to her, and I have breakfast with her 6 days a week now that I'm retired and get all the daily reports!

My quest for "cocktail" attire for an August wedding has only been 50% successful.  The search goes on.  The plant re-potting project is underway.  The Lancaster has reported a white fly infestation on the avocado tree in the pot.  Agh!  The trials and tribulations of owning a yard!  The Lancaster has been digging and laying gravel around for his great "drainage" project.  I'm not even sure I needed that, but he's usually right.  Guess I'll have to buck up and call the appliance dude to figure out what is wrong with the flaky dishwasher.  The Landcaster feels that is important and he's usually right.  Aah the mundane-ness of it all.

A Texas cousin came for a visit.  It was nice catching up and sharing stories.  He lost both his parents this year, one month apart.  His mom was my mom's sister, and mom is the last of the siblings.  This is the cousin that I met for the first time when he was 70!  I love his stories.  I'm not sure why I never got to share in his life growing up.  My mom never took us to visit them in Granbury, TX.  He expressed his recent awareness, that there is nothing like family.  It's never too late.  True too of old friends...reminiscing, we all remember different things and have different takes on what went down way back when. 

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kbrow said...

I'm fighting tendinitis, as well. Blaming it on the trackpad/smartphone/knitting/spinning combined. Trying to rest it. Time to catch up on my sewing, I guess...

It's gonna be 97 here today. Thinking about HI, where 82 is the norm, and when it gets to 85, folks start fussing...

Hope you feel better!