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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Barb's Fingerless Gloves

I wish I remembered the name of this wool yarn I got in Alaska. Its a worsted weight yarn. I used what I had left from the one skein I made the hat with.

Needles: 4 double pointed Size 4

Cast on 40 st
Rib, K2P2 for as long as you want. I did 15 rows round and round.
Increase 4 st evenly spaced on the last row.
Knit in stockinette stitch up to the base of thumb. I did 6 rows. I have small hands.
Start the base of the thumb:
K2, inc 1, K1, inc 1, Knit around
K 2 rows
K2, inc 1, K3, inc 1, Knit around
K2 rows
K2, inc 1, K5, inc 1, Knit around
K2 rows
K2, inc 1, K7, inc 1, Knit around
K2 rows
K2, inc 1, K9, inc 1, Knit around
K2-4 rows
K1, slip next 13 st to holder
Knit around until you want the ribbing to start. I did 7 rows.
Decrease on the last row so you have a multiple of 4. I dec to 40 stitches.
Rib, K2P2 until you are at the crease where your fingers leave the palm. I did 6 rows.
Bind off in ribbing.

The thumb
Put the 13 st on needles. Join yarn 2 rows above the thumb and pick up 2 st along that edge. Knit the next 13 st and pick up two more st above the thumb. Knit around until you come to the top of the thumb. Knit the first and the last picked up stitches together. Knit around until you have the thumb as long as you like, I did 6 rows, then bind off.

Weave in the ends. Use the yarn joined to make the thumb to close any visible holes as you go.

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