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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Knitting the Womb

I met the creator of the Knitted Womb at Stitch and Bitch. I had finished the fingerless mits and was wondering, "What next?", when I found out the OB-GYN NP I work with is moving back to the Mainland. It seemed like the perfect gift. So far I have all the parts made and the thing stuffed, but have to find some pipe cleaners to stiffen the Fallopian tubes. I am going to attach some earrings to it. I was thinking of stuffing it with candy, but it does look very cute stuffed. Someone even suggested candy babies! What a hoot that would be.

I realizd after reading the pattern that Kai used bulky yarn! How did I miss that? Oh well, I made another one but have to get more pipe cleaners before I can finish it. It does look much better. It didn't scan so well.

The pattern is available in the archives of along with some other fun and good looking projects.

I may need to knit a couple more, cuz as the saying goes "One can't have too many wombs!"

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