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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Stitch Markers

Stitch markers are a fun way to use up a few of my beads. I got carried away with the angel ones since they are so easy to make. I have a some other types of rings/wires to try out so the can be removed without having to slide off the needle. I also will work on a few larger ones for the larger knitting needles.

I am still experimenting on ways to make a colored back ground in my scanner. I haven't had much time to play with the new Paint Shop Pro. Perhaps I better go hang out in that group for a while.

Turkish String Bag is coming along.

I will also have to read up on how to make links in my text boxes linkable.

1 comment:

candsmom said...

The angel stitch markers are so sweet! I'm not a beader, but my sister is, so she made me a few stitch markers that I'll post soon. Now I just have to convince her to make some more...